How the business does IT wrong


A short while back, InformationWeek's Chris Murphy penned a column titled "6 Ways IT Still Fails the Business," and not surprisingly, he received some pushback. In response, he now presents "5 Ways Business Still Fails the IT Organization," and it is well-worth reading.

The first failure on the part of the business is in viewing IT as a back-office function or cost-reduction engine rather than as a force for customer service, new product creation and revenue generation, Murphy writes.

Next up is the all-too-common problem--and not expected to go away soon--that marketing departments create for IT. An avalanche of requests, a tsunami of complaints and a general refusal to play nicely with IT make for a very difficult relationship in many companies.

An unwillingness to allocate sufficient resources to IT is another failure on the part of the business. IT should be integral to the overall business strategy, and that strategy must be shared with IT.

Treating security as the IT department's problem also does the IT team wrong. Companies need to incorporate security into the overall culture and not just dump it on IT when problems occur.

Finally, too many businesses drive away good IT talent.

For more:
- see Chris Murphy's column at InformationWeek

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