Heartland embraces encrypted payment system


Heartland Payment Systems is heading to a place where many companies are likely to go. It is implementing an end-to-end encryption system for payment transactions.

Heartland is taking this step in the wake of last year's massive breach, which affected more than 100 million card holders. Chairman and CEO Robert Carr told Computer World that Heartland is taking steps to "mitigate the risk of having the kind of compromise that we and hundreds of other companies have had."

The company indicated some months ago that it planned to use encryption as a precaution against breaches. But this is the first time it is saying exactly what it plans to do. Heartland will be using Thales nShieldConnect hardware security module along with Voltage Security's SecureData encryption software.

The question, as all of us know, is will hackers get even more creative and find a new way into the system even with encryption in place?

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