Going mobile, on the cheap


Enterprise mobility is unavoidable. And full-blown containerization or virtual desktop solutions aren't cheap.

If you're looking for an affordable alternative, take a peek at Goodwill's approach. Lacking funds but facing an imperative to mobilize its workforce, Goodwill settled on a combination of tools from Splashtop and AirWatch. Splashtop is a remote desktop access software originally rooted in the consumer world; AirWatch provides device and application management capabilities.

Tom Kaneshige profiles Goodwill's moves on CIO, through the voice of Goodwill of New York's CIO Andre Bromes, who identifies some of the tradeoffs that came with the chosen solution.

  • Small smartphone screens don't reproduce desktop applications ideally. After initial problems in this area, Splashtop added a button to help clarify images.
  • Users are still asking for native apps. However, given the multiple platforms in use (Windows tablets, iPhones, BlackBerrys, Android phones), this option is greatly hampered by budget concerns.

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