Finally, a Surface Pro 4 update that fixes major problems - for some


Microsoft issued an update for Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book this week and it appears to offer positive results for people who have had major problems with the tablets since Microsoft started selling them in October.  

Source: Microsoft

"It seems that Microsoft has done a great job with this update," a user going by Igor1968 wrote on Microsoft's community forum. "The computer became faster, less warm and so far works stably. But this is just a first impression, let's see what will happen next." 

The most significant problems that some users have complained about include one that prevents the tablets from sleeping properly and another that freezes and crashes the machines.

On Microsoft's online community, more than 15,000 people have viewed an item titled "Surface book freezing." More than 10,000 people have viewed one called "Surface Book not sleeping properly: gets hot and battery drains."

Microsoft has issued some previous updates that have helped some people, according to their comments on online forums, but not all.

That's again the case with this week's fix.

One user, going by NeilCameron1215, wrote on Microsoft's community page that the Jan. 27 firmware update didn't help the problems he's been experiencing with sleep issues. But others, including one person who replied to NeilCameron1215's comment, said that the update was a big improvement.

Another person who commented on a story from Paul Thurrott said that he'd tested the sleep issue after installing the update and found good, but not perfect, results. He opened a bunch of browser windows and then let the machine sleep. In all cases the Surface 4 started up again easily, except for one instance when it issued an error message saying: "display driver has been recovered."

The update doesn't appear to include much that might address the crashing problems that some people have complained about. It might, however, help others who have had issues with detaching the keyboard from the tablet. The update includes a driver update that "improves detection of the Surface keyboard to the clipboard."

We'll keep an eye on the forums and report back on user experiences with this recent update. 

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