Few IT teams viewed as peers by business

CIO magazine's annual survey finds that only 15 percent of IT groups are considered a cost center.

More and more CIOs are making it a priority to showcase IT's capabilities to the business and enhance the IT team's relationship with the company's stakeholders, according to CIO magazine's annual "State of the CIO" survey. However, the vast majority of  CIOs still say that their departments are not viewed by the rest of the business as peers in developing business strategy, reports CIO's Kim S. Nash.

Nearly one-third of the CIOs surveyed said that their teams are viewed as "influential collaborators," while a little over one-fourth said they are viewed as service providers. An unlucky 15 percent said they are considered a cost center, but the good news is that this figure is down from 21 percent last year.

The perception of the IT department may improve in the year ahead as CIOs help implement projects that were initiated with business partners and that target high-visibility areas. Many of these projects involve mobile technology and data analytics. To support these initiatives--and improve their own stature--CIOs are discovering the value of a number of tried-and-true management techniques, including delegation and encouraging cross-functional skills in their teams.

Knowing how and when to delegate operations can give CIOs time to concentrate on strategic matters and communicate with counterparts in the business units. Meeting regularly with key stakeholders can go far in building effective relationships, but that can be easier said than done.

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