Fenway Park outfitted with Metro Ethernet fiber link


Fenway Park is an old ballpark, but its wireless broadband technology is cutting edge. In an interview with Network World's Brad Reed, Boston Red Sox IT Director Steven Conley talks about how the stadium's Internet connectivity, the fans' demands and his own job have changed in recent years.

Both the ball club and its fans are stepping up the pressure for state-of-the-art communications technologies, and Fenway Park is being outfitted with the Metro Ethernet fiber link from Comcast this year. The system, which comes with Wi-Fi hotspots, offers 100 Mbps connectivity which can scale up to 10 Gbps, making it easier to upload video during games.

The new fiber connection will be used for email and other business functions, including linking to the minor league facilities and spring training parks. During games, it will also be used by reporters, photographers and eventually fans.

Conley, who has been on the job for 11 years, said he has witnessed a massive change in the speed at which information must be delivered to those who need it. These days, everyone wants instant information on statistics like pitch count and pitch speed, and how the game they're watching impacts other interests.

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