Factory workers benefit from business intelligence

McCain Foods projects BI data on factory floors

The largest maker of frozen French fries in the world, McCain Foods Ltd., is putting business intelligence at the fingertips of its factory workers around the world. By sharing BI results on plant floors, the Canadian company is giving employees a way to understand how their work impacts their plant's Overall Equipment Effectiveness, reports William Atkinson at CIO Insight.

McCain Foods, which also produces pizzas, desserts and beverages, has 55 plants across the globe and a workforce of 22,000. Projected onto a large screen at each facility is a dashboard that shows metrics for performance, quality and availability at each one. Previously, similar intelligence was gathered and reported manually by an individual at each factory.

The BI technology, from MicroStrategy, has been received well by employees on the floor, Atkinson reports. Since the dashboards show measurements for all facilities, a more competitive spirit has arisen among them. 

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