Does DHS understand bankers?


Before you decide what to think about the Department of Homeland Security's latest proposed scheme for information-sharing between the public and private sectors, take a look at Constantine von Hoffman's wry opinion of it at CIO magazine. Hoffman minces no words in skewering the government's "do as I say, not as I do" approach.

Under a suggestion lofted by DHS in October, companies within a given vertical could band together to purchase infrastructure that would be shared as needed. This plan would be more impressive, Hoffman writes, if the department "had any idea of how businesses actually operate" and "followed its own advice." 

"Have you met any senior execs at financial firms?" Hoffman asks DHS Deputy Undersecretary for Cybersecurity Mark Weatherford. "They would sooner feed their children to zombies than share information or resources with other companies."

All the while, the government is calling on business to hand over more data about threats, it hasn't been very forthcoming with its own. For five years, the government sat on information about vulnerabilities in electricity-generation gear, Hoffman reports, leaving potential victims clueless and unprotected.

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- see Constantine von Hoffman's post at CIO

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