Disney combines iPads, RFID to make the place even happier


Disney is putting the iPad at the center of its new FastPass system, which uses RFID technology to improve the guest experience at the theme park, reports 9to5 Mac.

Up to now, VIP guests have been given passes to skip to the head of the long lines at popular rides and attractions, but soon Disney employees (aka cast members) will carry iPads that can verify reservation status. A pilot program is underway, and Disney watchers expect the project to be fully rolled out before long.

Disney has installed RFID sensors at a number of popular attractions. To test out the system in the next couple weeks, selected guests are signing up for rides at specified times well in advance of their trips. When they arrive at a reserved ride or attraction, they will wave an RFID band over a sensor, and their reservation data will be transmitted to the iPad of a Disney worker.

As 9to5 Mac notes, Apple and Disney have a solid history of collaborating, going back to Steve Jobs' role as a director on Disney's board.

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