Cloud computing fears, realities may be far apart, study finds


The views of cloud computing between those organizations that have already established a presence and those that have yet to take applications or data to the cloud vary widely, a new study finds.

In a global survey of 250 Internet infrastructure decision-makers, Internap Network Services Corporation found that cloud-wary organizations may overestimate the risks associated with cloud computing, and those views may be largely responsible for holding those organizations back.

Meanwhile, among organizations that have established a presence in the cloud, many report new pain points related to price performance.

"While the majority of cloud-wary organizations cited security concerns as the reason they are holding back from using cloud services, the cloud-wise pointed to performance and cost-at-scale as the top challenges encountered with their current public cloud service," the firm said in an email to FierceCIO.

"Cloud-wise organizations ranked security challenges a distant fifth," the report said. "While a portion of cloud-wary are from security-conscious industries, such as financial services, healthcare and government, the majority may be overestimating security risks since performance and cost top the lists of actual problems encountered by the cloud wise."

The key findings from the survey:

  • 40 percent of cloud-wary respondents cited security as a top concern, whereas 15 percent of cloud-wise say security is a challenge they've encountered
  • Cloud-wise organizations say the top challenges they have encountered are performance (cited by 30 percent); cost at scale (cited by 28 percent); reliability (cited by 22 percent); compliance (cited by 16 percent); security (cited by 15 percent); and limited configurations (cited by 15 percent)
  • 59 percent of respondents hosting big data applications in the cloud cited performance challenges
  • 66 percent of respondents cited virtualization as a definining characteristic of a public cloud, even though public clouds do not require virtualization
  • 63 percent of respondents said bare-metal cloud would appeal to them

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