CIOs put in charge of additional departments

IT leaders' vantage point makes them candidates for wearing multiple hats at once

The CIO is one of very few individuals in an organization with an enterprise-wide vantage point. While the heads of many business units remain relatively siloed, the IT chief must understand the full spectrum of business processes across the organization. This puts CIOs in a good position to identify organization-wide issues and solutions, and it also makes them candidates for wearing more than one hat, writes Peter High.

IT leaders communicate with the heads of business units about plans and strategies, and this makes them well-positioned to encourage better collaboration, High writes in a post at Forbes. They can come up with solutions that address multiple needs at once. What's more, IT's expertise in security, governance, procurement, people management and vendor management are highly relevant to other areas of the organization.

Because of the growing responsibilities placed on IT leadership, some CIOs are being asked to head up additional departments. There are CIOs who are also in charge of HR, Marketing, Supply Chain or Innovation. It makes sense, they say, because they are accustomed to taking on large problems by using logic. What's more, it saves the organization money.

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