CIOs, CMOs at least agree to disagree for now


The vast majority of CMOs and CIOs now recognize the need to have stronger relationships, but there still appears to be a ways to go toward forging such relationships at many organizations.

The recent study "Big Data's Biggest Role--Aligning the CMO & CIO," by the CMO Council and SAS, surveyed 237 marketing and 211 IT executives on the relationship between the two, and how it may be changing.

"After reading through the survey results, it is clear that CMOs and CIOs are (finally?) starting to see the value in working together," notes Eric D. Brown, writing in a blog on Dynamic CIO. "Sure I'm generalizing here because there are many CIOs and CMOs who've always worked well together, but in the organizations that I've worked with in the past, there was a pretty wide gap between the IT group and the marketing group and rarely did anyone work to close that gap."

Brown cites a number of data points from the study that point to the need for improved CMO and CIO relationships, or at least to an agreement that such a relationship is important to the organization. But some of the findings show there is still much work to do:

  • "85 percent of respondents believe the relationship between the CMO and the CIO is critical to the execution of customer focused strategies
  • 72 percent of marketing executives believe that their teams should be the ones responsible for defining platforms and systems for their use but only 34 percent are moderately satisfied and 37 percent are unsatisfied with their current platforms
  • 62 percent of IT executives want to be brought into the discussions about platforms and strategies that involve technology
  • 61 percent of marketers and 60 percent of IT executives believe that big data represents equal parts opportunity and obstacle
  • 60 percent of IT executives said that there was only a limited partnership between IT and marketing when it comes to big data"

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