A case for shadow IT

How user driven technology has spurred productivity gains

Shadow IT can cause headaches for the IT department, but at the same time it can increase productivity for the business as a whole. Taking corporate IT to task for being "slow on the uptake" when it comes to productive new technologies, InfoWorld's David Linthicum spells out how user driven IT has moved information technology forward over the past few decades.

Users have a history of forcing the IT department's hand, beginning with PCs, then with the Web and now with cloud-based services, Linthicum maintains. Instead of fighting against this trend, IT professionals would be better off getting ahead of emerging technologies, he recommends.

"The end result is a new and hotter fire under corporate IT to lead the way in evaluating new technologies, such as cloud computing, and bringing value to the business," he writes. "If IT doesn't add value, then business units will work around them, and that would lead to a much smaller and less impactful corporate IT resource."

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