applies big data to improve shoppers' experience

Splunk helps company analyze data from 12 million site visits a month

If there are any businesses making the most of big data today, it's probably web-based retailers. To succeed, these businesses have to provide an optimal user experience for their shoppers, and gauging that experience depends on data analytics., which analyzes information from 12 million visits to its site monthly, exemplifies the practice, reports Andrew Lampitt at InfoWorld.

The auto retailing site performs analytics on visitors' activity, as well as on its log files, not only to improve the shopping experience but also to defend against malicious activity. The company's revenue comes from advertising, as well as the fees it receives when shoppers make purchases, analyzing traffic sources helps it promote the site to advertisers. uses Splunk to analyze log files and identify bot traffic and other malicious traffic. Splunk collects, indexes, searches and analyzes weblog data in real time and provides reports, which help weed out the undesirable traffic. By using Splunk's data collection capability, the company saves more than 400 hours of labor a year. 

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