BMC updates IT discovery appliance


BMC this week updated its discovery and dependence mapping service, now called Discovery, to let IT admins create application maps starting from a variety of different starting points.

BMC Discovery allows users to create application dependency maps. The idea is to let admins view the maps to identify unused hardware and software, discover if they can optimize storage space and find virtual machines that can be reused.

BMC positions Discovery as a tool that's useful in a number of ways, including to improve security since IT organizations can identify outdated severs that could be weak points for attackers. In addition, the tool is designed to make software audits easier. Admins can also use it for configuration management, to see how changes to one server might affect others, for instance.

The new release is designed to make Discovery easier to use by letting admins create a map starting with any related piece of information to an application. From there, admins can view a map showing network, storage, apps, servers and other IT functions.

Discovery is a software appliance that users install locally. 

There are quite a number of discovery tools that compete with BMC's offering. HP, ServiceNow and BDNA offer IT discovery tools and there are a host of open source products available, too. 

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