The backup challenges of the mid-sized data center

With heavy virtualization and minimal resources, medium-sized data centers need virtualization-aware data protection.

Safeguarding data is a challenge in any data center, but in medium-sized data centers there are often a host of special considerations. They generally have dedicated, largely virtualized servers running mission-critical applications, and at the same time, they get slim resources, making data protection a major struggle, writes George Crump, lead analyst at Storage Switzerland.

Medium-sized data centers, which can be computing niches within large enterprises, tend to have shared storage and they often don't have sufficient demand to make an enterprise-grade, solid state disk system worth the investment, Crump writes in a post at InformationWeek. The larger problem, however, is backup and disaster recovery. Many of these data centers, which are heavily virtualized, don't have a separate site for replicating data. With virtualization, they have outgrown their legacy backup applications. Enterprise-class backup solutions are often too complicated and costly for the mid-sized data center, so organizations look for virtualization-aware data protection solutions.

When choosing a backup solution for a heavily virtualized, medium-sized data center, Crump recommends asking three questions: First, is it in your price range? Second, what is its capacity for getting your data offsite? And third, does it have the functionality you need and how hard is it to use?

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- see George Crump's post at InformationWeek

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