Automation helps fashion retailer meet consumer demand


The French Connection Group, an international fashion retailer, operates more than 100 stores in the United States and the United Kingdom. To keep up with continuously changing consumer demands--as well as internal customer demands--the company relies on highly automated IT and business processes, writes Claire Joel, IT director at the U.K.-based retailer.

To have the right stock available in the right stores at the right time, The French Connection gathers sales and inventory data from the production facilities to the warehouse and point of sale, Joel writes in a post at Baseline magazine. The data is fed into a central SAP ERP platform and is then used to figure out product distribution and restocking needs.

Historically, contractors handled this process manually, working around the clock, but recently the company deployed a system for automating and streamlining the nighttime processing.  Not only does the system relieve staff of being up all night, but it also makes the restocking process more reliable.

Eventually, The French Connection Group started using the same automation technology to integrate other business processes, including an automatic sorting and packing.

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- see Claire Joel's post at Baseline

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