2014 will be the year of adoption, ExtraHop says


The New Year in IT can be characterized as the Year of Adoption, according to data analytics company ExtraHop.

The company, which provides data analytics for IT operational intelligence, this week released its predictions for IT in 2014. Overall, the firm says that in 2014 organizations that have been taking a curious look at new and emerging technologies will get serious about them.

"IT and business stakeholders will move beyond curiosity and take a serious look at adopting next-generation technologies, from software-defined networks and storage to public cloud," Information Age reports. "As part of this move to adoption, IT organizations are beginning to explore new ways to actively address challenges around ensuring the performance, availability, and security of their applications and infrastructure."

Looking at the impact of specific events and trends in 2013, Information Age says ExtraHop predicts the following for 2014:

Lessons learned from Universal Credit System and U.S. Healthcare.gov force

"Expect organizations to take the lessons of major IT projects, especially systems that need to scale to millions of users like Universal Credit of Healthcare.gov to heart," the article noted. This means a move toward IT operations architecture that leverages critical sources of data to achieve comprehensive visibility across applications and infrastructure.

Expansion of software-defined networks

ExtraHop predicts an expanding definition of software-defined networking next year to include such things as application delivery controllers and IP management.

Greater confidence in cloud computing

Security concerns have always been front and center with the cloud. The analytics firm expects that more companies will actively adopt cloud applications in 2014, which will in turn lead to improvements on the vendor side. "ExtraHop anticipates that over the next few years, the rate and degree of cloud adoption will rely heavily on solutions that provide this deep visibility into the security, performance and availability, and maturity of cloud offerings--solutions that provide IT with the confidence they need to make the leap," the article says.

Plugging holes in security programs

The impacts from this year's NSA revelations will continue to be felt, with organizations looking further protect their data--both in terms of security and privacy. This will lead to growing recognition of advanced threats and new ways to protect against them.

Big data touches the entire organization

While much of the focus on big data in 2013 has centered on marketing, which will change in 2014, EtherHop predicts. "IT is poised to be the next major beneficiary of big data, with the emergence of tools that capture and analyze crucial sources of IT intelligence traversing the enterprise network, including machine data, agent date, wire data, and synthetic data."

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