100 days: Getting a fast start as CIO


By Frank Hayes

A new CIO's first 100 days on the job are a critical time to learn the company's culture and issues, shape an agenda, build relations and make decisions on people, funding and other matters, say McKinsey consultants Michael Bloch and Paul Willmott. And that fast start needs to begin with the interview for the job.

The consultants quote Ian Buchanan, who has served as CIO or COO for several financial institutions: "In the first 100 days, you have to make your mark. In that period, you also need to formulate a compelling vision, because if you want to lead, as opposed to executing the visions of others, you do need to come out quickly with a story that everybody can align around."

Eight other imperative steps for successfully transitioning into a new CIO role include:

  • Clarify your mandate to understand what the company wants from a CIO 
  • Understand upsides and downsides of the company's competitive situation
  • Build relationships with the CEO, C-level peers and business-unit heads 
  • Develop a plan
  • Build a team
  • Rally the IT organization
  • Demonstrate leadership through visible results and actions
  • Continue your personal journey to gain new skills and ideas

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