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IRVINE, Calif., April 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- As more and more mobile devices are purchased, the importance of bringing your business into compatibility with rapidly developing mobile technology is critical. Traditionally conservative businesses are rethinking the place that mobility may play in the needs of their clients and customers. Mobile applications are being developed daily to accommodate the demands of a mobile society that works and plays on the go. If your business has hesitated to enter the world of mobile applications, there are a number of excellent reasons you should consider going mobile.

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Mobile applications provide the consumer with communication freedom and power. Inside a small hand-held device, the user can perform a multiplicity of activities, including job-related tasks, bill paying, banking transactions, shopping, and social networking. For businesses, there are two important reasons for adapting a mobile protocol. The first reason is to expand and build customer loyalty by providing free apps to make their business experience with your company easy and fast. The second reason is to build a broad and rapid communication network within your company to service suppliers, project managers, and other departments.

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The Mobile Consumer 

By creating custom applications, which allow your consumers greater access to your products and services around the clock, you provide the opportunity for increased sales to already established customers and additional sales to new consumers. The general public is moving more than ever before. They conduct business in their cars, on the bus, in a cab, and at lunch. If you offer a free business app that allows consumers to shop, work, or play while they are on their mobile devices, you build a stronger loyalty. In a highly competitive business market, loyalty is as valuable as gold.

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The Mobile Workforce 

This area of mobile communications is experiencing rapid growth in the workforce. Employees in the field can communicate and troubleshoot with other employees instantly. Most businesses already recognize the advantage of supplying their representatives with smart phones, because of the convenience of instant communication when a question or problem arises. Now other mobile devices are once again bringing greater access and convenience for employees working in the field. Tablets make it simple for employees to connect, troubleshoot, coordinate, share documents, and collaborate on projects.

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Business Applications (Apps) 

Most people have been using personal apps since purchasing their first smart phone, but business apps for employees are more recent. New business-to-business apps and specialized employee apps are being developed almost daily. Business management, sales staff, field engineers, project coordinators, department heads, IT managers, and other specialized employee positions require specific applications to allow rapid response times, easy access to information, cost efficiency, simple backup, data storage, and ubiquity. By designing specific business apps for your management and work force departments, your company moves into mobile technology at an important time in the transition from stationary to mobile. Business meetings can be held on mobile devices, allowing face-to-face discussion between various departments and locations. Mobile apps can bring your projects into real time, with on-location video, photos, and chats. Project evaluations and decisions are made faster when everyone involved has a visual and can communicate in real time.  

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Technology will never go backwards. It's essential for businesses to grab hold of the mobility movement and use it to expand and sustain their growth. Many businesses are closing their doors, because they choose not to be innovative and move where technology takes them. Mobile applications are developing rapidly. The company that ignores the need to become mobile cannot progress and be ready when technology takes its next big leap.

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