Newvem Announces General Availability of Newvem Analytics


Cloud Usage Leader Launches Premium Offering with ‘Cloud CIO Cockpit’ and Business Usage Analysis Features

Newvem Announces General Availability of Newvem Analytics

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(), a leader in providing cloud analytics for Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers, today announced the general availability of its AWS usage analytics service called . The general availability version (GA) is available as both free and premium offerings. Pivoting from cost savings, Newvem Analytics GA is the first business-focused cloud analytics solution that impacts profit with a top-down business approach through the eyes of different organizational roles.

“Newvem Analytics disrupts the belief that cloud usage analytics ends with cost savings. Over the past eight months, we’ve strived to help our users to truly profit from their cloud,” says Zev Laderman, co-founder and CEO of Newvem. “Newvem Analytics’ top-down approach with role-specific views helps users see if their infrastructure is ready to scale to capture more revenue, or if they can reduce infrastructure to increase margins when revenues flatten or shrink. This approach increases shareholder value for any company, as increasing profit directly impacts a company’s price/earnings ratio and enhances its valuation.”

A major capability of Newvem Analytics GA is connecting cloud usage with specific business activities and entities such as business divisions, accounts, and even customers. Newvem now offers better visibility into the relationship between business and cloud infrastructure, helping customers focus on profit.

Another major component is that of addressing specific roles within the business organization, including chief information officers, chief technology officers, IT managers, developers, and operators, thus enabling each role to make better cloud decisions in line with their specific business goals.

Additionally, Newvem’s general availability version offers several powerful role-based views and platforms, including:

“During our beta period, we worked very closely with our broad base of users from different market segments, locations, organization sizes and across multiple roles to identify how Newvem can better help them sync their business performance with their AWS cloud infrastructure,” says Ilan Naslavsky, co-founder and CTO of Newvem. “As a result, Newvem Analytics enables ‘Cycles of Cloud Usage Refinement’ by visualizing groups of key infrastructure indicators and effectively, analyzing, measuring, and improving cloud usage in line with our users’ business objectives and performance.”

Newvem will continue to offer a free version of Newvem Analytics to help cloud adopters learn how to improve their consumption of cloud infrastructure and help accelerate the knowledge required to become more cloud proficient.

Since its beta release in March 2012, Newvem Analytics has helped thousands of users profit from their cloud through analyzing more than 10 million AWS instances. Newvem currently tracks 1,000 clouds and reveals daily spend efficiencies in excess of $11 million.

Newvem enables CIOs, CTOs, IT managers, Operators, and Developers to profit from the cloud by syncing cloud deployment with business performance. Helping AWS users ensure that their cloud grows with revenues and shrinks with decreasing demand, “Newvem Analytics” analyzes AWS cloud behavior, reveals insights related to costs, assets and risks, and recommends solutions to manage their cloud more efficiently and effectively. The service is available as a web and native iOS app.

The company is led by industry professionals and has raised $4M in Series A funding with participation from Greylock Partners, Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors, and Index Ventures. For more information and to sign up for free, please visit .