LatentView Analytics Develops PanelMiner - a Platform That Efficiently Transforms Unstructured HTML Data to Structured Data


PanelMiner to give LatentView a competitive advantage in storing, handling and analyzing terabytes of data to uncover Insights that aid decision making

LatentView Analytics Develops PanelMiner - a Platform That Efficiently Transforms Unstructured HTML Data to Structured Data

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, a leading predictive analytics and decisions sciences firm, today announced that it has developed PanelMiner – a platform that analyzes terabytes of unstructured html data from the web and mobile apps, by converting it near real-time, into structured data. This makes storing, accessing and analyzing the data easier and more efficient, thereby reducing both cost as well as time required for insight generation and decision making.

Some of the areas that PanelMiner has immediate applications in include click stream analysis, predicting online behavior, identifying point of sales problems on e-commerce portals and others. PanelMiner, named so because it mines data from large consumer panels, also overcomes the traditional barriers companies are faced with when web analytics practitioners try to study consumer behavior across multiple devices. PanelMiner identifies unique users and intelligently sorts the data each of these users generate across multiple devices, allowing for more accurate analysis of the data.

PanelMiner is developed on (AWS) and has leveraged Amazon Redshift, Amazon CloudWatch and Amazon Elastic MapReduce. As it is running on AWS cloud, PanelMiner is easily deployable and available on a pay-as-you-use model.

“PanelMiner gives marketers a huge advantage when it comes to gaining insights about consumer behavior from large data sets. It is one of the most advanced and technically granular platforms available today to handle large volumes of unstructured data. Its intelligent design converts unstructured to structured data while offering step-by-step visibility into the workflow. This allows analysts high levels of transparency when it comes to defining queries, providing them with a deeper understanding of user behavior,” said , Co-Founder and Head- Innovation and Technology, LatentView Analytics.

“Designed on the cloud, its multi-tenancy design provides significant cost and time savings, while being instantly scalable and flexible. A platform like this is a definite value-add in terms of the insights we can offer clients,” added Hariharan.

For more information on how PanelMiner and how LatentView can help you with your big data analysis, please email us at .

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