Devices Reign Supreme This Holiday Shopping Season


Yankee Group expects mobile devices to come out on top in both the U.S. and European markets this holiday shopping season.

<0> Devices Reign Supreme This Holiday Shopping Season </0>

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The holidays are upon us, and many have already begun shopping. But what’s going to be hot this gift-giving season, and what should you leave on the shelf? Two recent reports, “” and “,” shed light on U.S. and European buying intent this holiday season.

Highlights from both reports include:

“Economic recession and an uncertain future are looming over Europe, which will inevitably affect the holiday shopping behavior on the continent. But according to recent survey data, the downturn doesn’t appear to have hit mobile devices quite yet,” said Boris Metodiev, Yankee Group Senior Analyst and author of the European report. “In fact, the top of the list of electronic goods consumers plan to purchase this holiday season is full of mobile devices, which is a reflection of the boom of mobile technologies and services.”

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