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Using Mobile Technology to Uplift and Inspire, by Jason Caston, Author, The iChurch Method

DALLAS, July 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, mobile technology has changed the way we shop, date, read, write, and even worship. This is the foundation of one of AT&T's newest campaigns, Inspired Mobility— a national conversation that highlights how people use mobile technology, devices and the Internet to enhance their faith experience and personal lives. Regardless of gender, age or income, our lives are becoming more connected, shared and interactive, which can be seen in our worship experiences. I was excited to be engaged by AT&T to explore this topic because it represents a cultural shift in the way we approach faith. According to a study conducted by AT&T in collaboration with Ebony Magazine, 90% of respondents believed mobile and Internet technology has a place in church.

Actually, faith-based organizations have been embracing technology for ages. Sacred texts were originally written on stone tablets and scrolls. It was not until the invention of the printing press that faith leaders had the opportunity to flip through the pages of scripture. Mobile devices and apps are our modern day stone tablets and scrolls. More survey respondents said that they use their devices to read scripture (22%) or to take notes (15%), over any other mobile activity during the worship experience. This is why I developed a platform called The iChurch Method, to teach faith-based organizations how to share their message to an ever changing mobile world.

I find the more accessible inspirational content becomes on the go, the more people want to stay connected, inspired and engaged. Since we are almost always connected via mobile devices and the Internet, organizations can reach, inspire and engage their communities in church, and on the go. An example of this is live streaming. Streaming has become a way for people to participate in worship services while traveling, or when they are unable to make it to their place of worship. In fact, more than 20% of the Ebony survey respondents who attend 'large' and 'mega' churches said that streaming is available at their place of worship. Recently, while watching an online worship service, I heard the pastor say "touch your neighbor and tell them this message is for you, and if you are online watching, click the share button and tell your social neighbors!" Since I was online, I clicked the share button and told my social network comprised of thousands of people. That's quite a bit more sharing of the message than touching the neighbor on my left and right.

The research conducted with Ebony revealed that most respondents (80%) have positive feelings about mobile technology in church, and few view it as distracting and disrespectful, when used to share the worship experience. Check out my list of do's and don'ts to learn the best ways to use your mobile device during a worship service.

The #InspiredMobility conversation will continue to help people and organizations grow, inspire, educate and engage people in one of the most important aspects of their lives— faith and spirituality. Whether it's social media, texting, mobile websites, apps, or online videos, the method of delivery may evolve, but the impact of an inspirational message can still be life-changing.

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