Webinar: Preparing for eDiscovery

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Hosted by:
Caron Carlson, Editor, FierceCIO

Electronic discovery (the obligation of parties in a civil lawsuit to exchange documents and other information in electronic format) is seen as a complex and potentially expensive burden on enterprises.

The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure were amended in 2006 to account for the massive volume of documents and other information that enterprises typically maintain electronically. Ideally, an organization’s IT team and its legal team work cooperatively when faced with an eDiscovery request, but the process has been known to strain both sets of professionals.

This Webinar will look at the challenges that enterprises face when given an eDiscovery request and the ways in which they can reduce the burden.

This Webinar will explore:

  • What is the IT department’s job when it comes to eDiscovery? What are the penalties for not complying with eDiscovery requirements? What are the greatest potential landmines for an organization when it comes to eDiscovery?
  • How can organizations reduce the risks and costs associate with eDiscovery? What are the best practices associated with records collection, retention, preservation, disposal, lifecycle management, review?
  • What is a litigation hold, and how can organization prepare for one in advance?

Barry Murphy, Co-Founder, eDJ Group, Inc.
Barry Murphy is a Co-Founder of eDJ Group, Inc. and a thought leader in information governance, eDiscovery, records management, and content archiving. Previously, Barry was Director of Product Marketing at Mimosa Systems, a leading content archiving and eDiscovery software. He joined Mimosa after a highly successful stint as Principal Analyst for eDiscovery, records management, and content archiving at Forrester Research.

Stephen Ludlow, Program Manager, eDiscovery and Information Governance Solutions, OpenText
Stephen Ludlow leads OpenText’s eDiscovery and Information Governance practice. He helps customers transform the way they manage information. By working closely with OpenText sales, services and R&D, he ensures that customers address compliance and litigation risks, storage and eDiscovery costs, all while deriving maximum value from the their information assets.