eBook: Carrier WiFi Strategy

With sales of WiFi-enabled mobile phones and tablet computers booming, high-speed Internet providers are building WiFi access points in public areas to recruit and retain subscribers. WiFi creates more value for the monthly high-speed data services marketed by cable MSOs and telephone providers, allowing subscribers to access email, social networks and Internet video in public areas. High-speed Internet service providers such as Time Warner Cable are using WiFi to boost revenue by offering hourly, daily, and weekly access to non-subscribers, and WiFi networks are being used as subscriber acquisition tools, exposing mobile phone and tablet owners to the brands of distributors that market triple-play packages of digital video, voice, and high-speed Internet access. Some carriers are exploring how to use WiFi networks to offer wireless voice products to customers.

This eBook from FierceCable will examine the competitive landscape for carrier WiFi, the costs of building WiFi access points, and how the technology may be used to deliver advanced services.

Table of Contents:

  • There's More Reward Than Risk for Cable Operators Bulding WiFi Hotspots
  • What Is Next Generation Hotspot?
  • Mass Transit Presents Multiple Hurdles for WiFi Deployment
  • Cablevision Committed to Broad WiFi Deployment

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