Rogue clouds infiltrate enterprise

The majority of companies using the cloud have business managers who are signing up for services without consulting IT. These "rogue clouds" were deployed at 83 percent of the large enterprises recently surveyed by Symantec, and they're among IT's biggest challenges, reports Ellen Messmer at Network World.

The Symantec survey, which included more than 3,200 IT managers around the world, found that some of companies with rogue clouds--20 percent--didn't realize that bypassing IT is not the right thing to do. They believed they were saving their organizations money and simplifying the process by skipping past IT.

Symantec also found that complying with e-discovery requirements is complicated when data is stored in the cloud. In the past year, more than a third of the survey respondents had e-discovery requests for cloud data, and two-thirds of this group missed their deadlines. More worrisome, 41 percent of those confronted with this challenge never located the requested data.

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