9-year-old bug in embedded Web server could threaten millions of routers

Security researchers warn of vulnerability in embedded Web servers that could expose millions of routers to hacking.

Reflections of an IT recruiter: Candidates regain the upper hand

The IT hiring landscape is in the midst of a major shift from a company-driven market to a candidate-driven market, says IT staffing expert Cindy Brown. This makes all the difference in the quality of candidates you can attract, and what it will take to hire them.

Intel launches migration tool to help users transitioning to Chromebooks

Intel has launched a new tool designed to simplify the task for users considering making the switch to a Chromebook.

The 2015 guide to the top 10 hottest jobs in IT

Which IT jobs are in the highest demand? What backgrounds and skills do those IT pros need? Which vacancies will be the hardest to fill? And which ones will cost you the most?

These simple security threats may be lurking in your office right now

When one thinks of enterprise security threats, terms like hackers, malware and large-scale data breaches all come to mind. But other, less obvious threats could be lurking in your organization too, writes Larry Ponemon in a recent post.

4 tips to get your IT project approved

Have a great new project that needs the management go-ahead? Experts offer a number of tips to help CIOs get the green light.

Microsoft identifies human error as root cause behind November Azure outage

Microsoft has shared the results of its root cause analysis, and admitted that--surprise--human error was the reason behind the Microsoft Azure outage in November.

Reflections of an IT recruiter: Happy times are here again!

With the economy now recovered from the Great Recession and cloud computing, IT security, big data, mobility and digital transformation topping everyone's to-do list, times are good again for IT professionals. IT recruiting expert Cindy Brown shares her thoughts on what to expect in 2015.

In the land of healthcare IT: How to organize all that data

Few industries have as much data as healthcare, and that data is expected to increase at a staggering rate of 48 percent a year--which means healthcare CIOs and their IT teams need to find good ways to organize and store that data, and fast. 

Gigabit over cable beckons as DOCSIS 3.1 passes interoperability tests

Gigabit level Internet connectivity over cable networks is now one step closer as the new DOCSIS 3.1 passes an important landmark.

Leaked build of Windows 10 preview makes its rounds

The leaked Build 9901 of Windows 10 has been making its rounds, and the general response appears to be positive so far.

Most organizations still slow to embrace open source solutions

Despite all its promoses of flexibility and obvious affordability, open source software remains still outside the plans of most organizations, according to the Ponemon Institute.

Microsoft touts improvements to Azure cloud offering

Slowly and steadily, Microsoft is rolling out new tweaks and enhancements to its Azure cloud platform.

Some 100,000 WordPress sites infected through popular slider plugin

More than 100,000 WordPress websites are infected due to an outdated version of the highly popular Slider Revolution plugin and some site owners may have no idea it is there.

Topping my IT wish list for 2015: training investments and H-1B visa reform

As IT managers work on their New Year's Resolution lists, one item that I hope will appear near the top will be training for IT workers.

BYOD programs now a 'must-have', new study reveals

If your organization hasn't already implemented a bring-your-own-device program, it better do so soon, according to a recent study.