Oracle to acquire Opower, will become largest provider of cloud for utilities industry

Oracle has agreed to pay $532 million for Opower, which provides customer engagement and energy efficiency cloud services to utilities.

Losing your mind? Here are some tips for CIOs who need to better manage stress

Being a CIO comes with a slew of pressures that can cause stress levels to get way out of whack. The folks over at CIO magainze have put together some tips on how to keep stress under control.


Spotlight: Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright is reportedly the creator of Bitcoin

Craig Wright, an Australian entrepreneur, is taking credit for the digital currency, BBC reported. According to BBC, Wright did offer technical proof of his claim by way of using coins known to be owned by Bitcoin's creator. 

Need an efficiency boost? Microsoft Flow may be able to help with that

Microsoft has released Flow, a service that automates workflow connections, similar to If This Then That, but specific to Microsoft software. It also released PowerApps, a service that aims to simplify building apps for specific needs.

UPDATED: Intel may be moving away from mobile and tablets, but PCs still fit perfectly into the chip giant's plans

Intel is already making moves to close down its smartphone and tablet business, a move that has been rumored since Intel announce a radical restructuring just shy of two weeks ago. Still, others were confused about exactly what things would change as Intel's focus evolved, wondering if PCs might be next on the chopping block. 


Report: New hardware division for Google, ex-Motorola president at helm

Google is a getting a bona fide hardware division, Re/code reported Thursday. The division will house the development of Nexus devices, Chromecast streaming TV technology, consumer hardware, Google Glass and more.


Amazon's first-quarter public cloud earnings up 64% from last year

Jeff Bezos' cash cow in the cloud shows no signs of slowing down. Amazon's quarterly earnings report Thursday revealed that Amazon Web Services made $2.56 billion in revenue during the first quarter of 2016, even more of a windfall than expected.

Microsoft buys DNA for data storage that could last up to 2,000 years

Microsoft has agreed to purchase ten million long oligonucleotides – for those of you running to Google, it's a type of laboratory-grade DNA – from Twist Bioscience. Microsoft plans to use the synthetic DNA to encode digital data.

Spotlight: Sender Profile gives folks a quick summary of who is emailing them

The summary includes job title, workplace, location, homepage and social profiles like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. 

Slack and AltspaceVR team up so you can hold meetings in VR

In what could prove to be the most entertaining Slack integration since the /giphy command, teams can now hold meetings in virtual reality through a Slack partnership with AltspaceVR.

Intel's updated development IoT kit lets developers use Bluemix, Watson, Brillo and more

Intel apparently wants developers to have as easy a time as possible building useful, intelligent wearables, gadgets, robots and drones. The latest version of the company's development kit for Internet of Things devices has been released.

Multiple lawsuits against Google heat up this week

Getting sued by angry competitors and customers is par for the course for technology multinationals. But Google's having an especially tough week on this front. Two lawsuits the company's been hit with – one by Oracle, and another by Getty Images – are heating up.

USAA is using bots to help its 11.4M customers, but wants to keep the human touch

USAA, a financial services firm for 11.4 million military members and their families, has plans to employ bots to help automate financial transactions, CIO reported. USAA's efforts in building up this tech underscore the importance of having bots feel more human and less robotic.

Spotlight: Windows 10 upgrade prompt spares no one, interrupts live weather broadcast

 According to The Verge, KCCI 8 News Meteorologist Metinka Slater was interrupted by a Windows 10 update prompt during a regular weather broadcast.

Accenture, Deloitte, EY, IBM, PwC and TCS are market leaders in SAP implementation services market, says IDC

A new study from IDC has found that enterprises believe that, for an SAP enterprise app implementation services project to be successful, it needs to "provide functional insights and competence" and "provide industry insights and competence."

OpenAI wants to bring AI tech to everyone - including the enterprise - at no cost

OpenAI – Elon Musk's artificial intelligence non-profit – plans to release its first set of AI software Wednesday morning, according to Wired. The toolkit can be used to build AI systems via reinforcement learning.

With intelligent file search, Cloudtenna improves on Microsoft SharePoint

Silicon Valley startup Cloudtenna, a rapid file sharing solution provider, announced Wednesday an intelligent search feature today for its flagship product, DirectShare. According to Cloudtenna, this could be the smart search solution Microsoft SharePoint users have been waiting for.

At last! Skype for Business comes to the Mac

Say your goodbyes to Lync now, Mac users. Microsoft announced Tuesday that Skype for Business will be available for Mac customers during the third quarter of 2016.

Spotlight: Verizon cyber incident report finds the criminals more effective communicators than IT

According to Verizon's annual cyber incident report, phishing is a huge security issue. Even worse? The criminals are better communicators than IT teams are.

Project Infinite simplifies the way you access Dropbox files

Dropbox has announced Project Infinite, which will allow Dropbox users to access any file stored in Dropbox locally, regardless of whether or not you have a copy saved to your local hard drive, and without having to go on the web to do so.