Google defends its decision to leave older Android devices unpatched

A huge code base translates into significant code changes, proving unsafe to fix.

IBM poised to cut 26% of staff

The technology sector appears to be playing a major game of musical chairs with employees, as the past week saw news of massive layoffs in some corners, and massive hiring in others. The biggest news comes from IBM, which is apparently getting ready to lay off 26 percent of its workforce.

Microsoft releases new build of Windows 10 Technical Preview

Microsoft released a new build of its Windows 10 Technical Preview on Friday, two days after its consumer-centric preview.

India could greet Obama with H-1B concerns

President Barack Obama could get an earful on the topic of H-1B visas during his trip to India today.

IT's hottest jobs: Data analyst

Randy Gross explains what it takes to be a data analyst. 

Microsoft to update Windows RT with 'some' Windows 10 functionality

Microsoft says it is working on an update for Windows RT, though its relative silence on its ARM-based version of Windows is telling.

Microsoft announces Office 2016, shows off touch-centric Office for Windows 10

Microsoft has finally taken the wraps off its touch-centric version of Office, one day after its Windows 10 event.

Watch out for these common hiring faux pas

Sometimes all that can keep a good IT team from becoming a great one is a bad hiring process. And when you're the hiring manager, it's up to you to make sure your hiring process is the best it can be to attract the best candidates to your team. 

What CIOs are saying about Windows 10

Microsoft released details of its Windows 10 operating system this past Wednesday, Jan. 21, though many CIOs seem much more likely to hold on the upgrade to the new platform. 

Security tips from a former FBI CIO

Although IT security attacks are ultimately the fault of hackers, malicious insiders or whoever else is orchestrating them, it's also up to IT and security teams to do everything they can to prevent them--especially the basic stuff.

Microsoft unveils Spartan Web browser

The faster, lightweight browser to offer new features such as inking support.

WhatsApp comes to the desktop via a Web browser

WhatsApp has announced a Web version of its popular messaging app on the Chrome Web browser.

Microsoft takes the wraps off Windows 10

Microsoft took the wraps off its latest operating system--Windows 10--today for a consumer audience. The much-heralded event drew plenty of attention, and presented a number of new features that are sure to please many in the general public.

Less than 6 months left to retirement of Windows Server 2003

Companies are facing the heat with less than six months until the retirement of the highly successful Windows Server 2003.

GoDaddy fixes domain hijack hole 24 hours after report goes public

Domain name registrar and cloud hosting company takes prompt action after public disclosure by security researcher.

Internet users worldwide say life much improved by technology

For all of the concerns over security and privacy, an overwhelming majority of Internet users around the world believe that the Internet improves their personal and professionals lives, a new study reveals.