HP makes it official, files papers to split company

Several months after the company first revealed plans to split in two, officials at Hewlett-Packard filed formal paperwork to break HP Enterprise off as a separate company.

Is your data analyst essentially a janitor?

The role of data scientist has been called the sexiest job of the century. But it turns out that many skilled data analysts are more likely to be donning janitor garb than pageant contest laurels.

Industry Insider: Six key questions to help the CIO avoid 'mobile failure'

Kinvey CEO Sravish Sridhar writes that answering these six tough questions will create a foundation to provide the tools that today's employees require - and demand - on the mobile platforms they use 24/7.

IT leaders on the move in June, 2015

Last month saw a number of high-profile IT leadership appointments. Here are a few of the new CIOs and CTOs.

The new CIO mandate: Disruptive digital innovation

Coming into 2015, CIOs were told they needed to embrace digital transformation. Soon after, the cry was for masterig digital disruption. That soon tured into a mandate to drive innovation. So what is the CIO really supposed to do here? It turns out the answer is all three.

STEM interest shows little gain overall, but rising for many IT jobs

While STEM activity in the workforce has shown only a slight upward trend overall in the past 15 years, a new STEM Index reveals that a number of IT-related jobs have seen great interest and are among the tops overall.

Infographic offers advice on preparing for the future with IoT

For the benefit of CIOs that want to know what the exploding tech trend means to them, the New Jersey Institute of Technology has prepared an infographic on the Internet of Things and "How to Prepare for the Future."

7 steps to avoid the bite of cloud security risks

Apparently, someone decided this Sunday should officially kick off "Shark Week," in celebration of all things shark. Cloud data protection firm Perspecsys has provided a list of '7 cloud security mistakes bound to bite you.'

Nadella's 'tough choices' begin with AOL, Uber deals

Microsoft is getting out of a couple of businesses, including display ads and collecting map information. The moves come just days after CEO Satya Nadella told employees to brace for tough choices ahead and to prepare for a new company strategy of focusing on core strengths, and forming partnerships for everything else.

HP's head of enterprise Bill Veghte to step down this summer

In four months Hewlett Packard will complete its much-publicized split, but not everyone is sticking around to see the event. Today the company announced that head of enterprise Bill Veghte will leave the company later this summer to pursue other opportunities.

IT spending to drop nearly 6% worldwide this year, says Gartner

Spending on IT worldwide will drop by nearly six percent this year, according to Gartner, adding to the concerns of many IT leaders that the tech industry is not as healthy as many would otherwise believe.

CISOs need more clout, but how much is enough?

Cybersecurity has become a top level concern at most organizations. So perhaps it comes as no surprise that IT security and boards of directors are now a top-level concern for IT leaders.

New Open API Working Group hopes to tackle cloud security issues

When it comes to cloud computing, concerns about security continue to be a significant barrier to more organizations embracing the cloud, or using it more robustly. In response, the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and CipherCloud have announced the formation of the Cloud Security Open API Working Group. 

One month before Windows 10 launch, Microsoft has a new mission

Today marks exactly one month before the much-anticipated release of Windows 10. It also marks the beginning of a new mission for Microsoft to help every individual and every organization "achieve more' that will shape the company's strategy going forward.

While tech industry shares in pride celebrations, Facebook criticized by LGBT community

This past weekend, much of the tech industry was joining in the celebration of the LGBT community over the Supreme Court's decision to legalize same-sex marriage in all 50 states. But Facebook found itself at the center of criticism by LGBT leaders for its continued "authentic name" policy.

Samsung agrees to leave Windows Updates alone

Bowing to pressure from Microsoft, Samsung said it will stop the practice of changing or disabling the settings for Windows Update on its PCs and tablets.