Microsoft still working on fix for Office for Mac 2016 crashing on OS X El Capitan

Microsoft says it has isolated the issue, and is working on Apple on a fix for a problem that causes Office for Mac 2016 running on the just-released version of OS X to crash. 

Spotlight: HP clears one of final legal hurdles for November split

HP announced today that the Securities and Exchange Commission declared effective its Form 10 proceedings, one of the final steps the company must take to formally split.

Recent LastPass breach had 'little impact,' according to acquirer LogMeIn

LogMeIn announced today it plans to acquire LastPass, the password management service, for more than $110 million, even after LastPass suffered a recent breach. 

Firefox to drop support for older plug-ins by 2016

Firefox will no longer support most NSAPI plug-ins by the end of 2016, announced Mozilla in a blog post, as part of its strategy for disabling support for legacy plug-ins. The only exception will be Adobe Flash, though Mozilla will specifically work with Adobe to help ensure that the Flash experience is one that is stable and secure.x

Why PC shipments dropped 10 percent during the quarter in which Windows 10 launched

If you're wondering why Dell and HP jumped this week to push their devices built on the latest Microsoft OS, just take a look at the numbers on PC shipments. The market has been soft in recent quarters – with shipments declining 10.8 percent worldwide in the third quarter, according to IDC – and those companies are looking to strike on the hot iron that is Windows 10.

Cloud software provider AppDirect raises another $140M

AppDirect raises another $140 million, demonstrating confidence in the continued viability of the cloud marketplace.

AWS creates Snowball as the ultimate sneakernet for petabyte transfers to the cloud

Amazon Web Services is serious about helping the enterprise get data into the cloud, as it unveiled a custom appliance to support what appears to be the most sophisticated sneakernet on the planet. Called the AWS Snowball, the dedicated storage appliance looks like a rugged suitcase, and stores 50 terabytes of encrypted data.

Tied to EMC, Dell would gain firm roots in the enterprise

Dell and EMC are reportedly in talks to merge, a deal that could see some pieces of the EMC Federation spun off.

Spotlight: Dell announces laptops built around Windows 10

Microsoft today announced a set of Dell devices built with Windows 10 in mind.

AWS dives into business intelligence with Amazon QuickSight

Amazon is touting its cloud-based QuickSight tool as an easy-to-use business intelligence service that costs just one-tenth that of traditional BI solutions. 

Spotlight: IBM begins consulting on cognitive computing

IBM is looking to show businesses how to properly take advantage of Watson's cognitive computing capabilities through a newly opened consultancy.

HP takes a cue from Microsoft with new tablets with detachable keyboards

Hot on the heels of Microsoft's announcement Tuesday for its newest devices developed in-house, HP has revealed eight of its own computers built with Windows 10 in mind.

Amelia has great memory, can take a hint and is one of the most human-looking AIs around

IPsoft announced Wednesday version 2.0 of its artificial intelligence platform, Amelia. Enhanced memory, contextual comprehension, emotional responsiveness and a physical makeover makes this version of the AI the most human version yet, IPsoft said.

Look out for ethics violations in big data analytics, Gartner warns

Big data projects can lead to big upsides for businesses that employ them, but they also come with risks. For instance, Gartner today said it expects that by 2018, half of business ethics violations will happen because of improper use of big data analytics.

The genius behind Microsoft's Surface Book and Surface Pro 4

Caught off guard with the launch of the Apple iPad in 2010, Microsoft pushes on with its 2-in-1 concept in hopes of rendering the tablet irrelevant. 

Microsoft Edge loses grip on Windows 10

While Microsoft Edge saw a temporary boost with the launch of Windows 10 in July, its share of the browser market has slipped back down to around 12 percent, according to a new report from Quantcast.

Microsoft looks to create family of devices you'll never leave with new hardware

Microsoft Tuesday announced the new Surface Pro 4 tablet and Lumia 950 smartphone, as well as the first in-house manufactured laptop ever offered by the company, the Surface Book.

Europe's highest court strikes down Safe Harbor data sharing agreement

Ruling by Europe's highest court means that organizations doing business in Europe will need to find a new way to handle customer data

Spotlight: Apple ditches VMware for server virtualization

Apple will not renew an enterprise licensing agreement with VMware and will instead deploy KVM, an open source alternative to VMware's server virtualization, according to sources consulted by CRN.

IBM keeps its head in the cloud, acquires Cleversafe

IBM has agreed to acquire Cleversafe, an object-based storage vendor. The move aims to boost IBM's cloud business unit and help customers cope with mounting volumes of unstructured data.