Salesforce CEO Benioff takes stand against new 'discriminatory' Indiana law

Marc Benioff's latest focus is in, off all places, Indiana. Yesterday, the CEO threatened to stop Salesforce expansion plans in the state if it approved a bill that would allow businesses to oppose certain customers in the name of religious freedom. Today, the governor signed the bill.

STEM education efforts get triple play of good news

This week saw reports of three major developments around STEM--from education grants, to White House support, to growing enrollments at college campuses.

Microsoft unveils Windows 10 tools to create universal apps

Microsoft has unveiled new Windows 10 tools to give developers a better picture of how to put together a universal app.

Oracle's Hurd describes dire consequences of failing to spend on IT

With rapid technological change across industries and in consumer segments, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd said that companies will have to invest more in IT and pay attention to the millenial generation in order to thrive. 

Closing arguments in Pao trial set to finish today

Yesterday marked the first day of closing arguments in the Ellen Pao gender discrimination trial against her former firm, tech venture capital behemoth Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers.

Upcoming LibreOffice Online wants to compete with Google Docs, Office 365

Work has started on the creation of an online service-based on LibreOffice to compete with Google Docs, Office 365.

Refreshed 13-inch MacBook Pro packs a blistering fast SSD under the hood

Refreshed 13-inch MacBook Pro has a substantially faster flash subsystem that is between two to three times faster than mainstream SSD drives.

Cray ups the supercomputer ante with new 5-petaflop O&G machine

Cray Inc. has contracted for a 5-petaflop supercomputer with Petroleum Geo-Services, which will be the largest in the oil and gas sector and one of the biggest supercomputers in any commercial market world-wide.

The cloud now a favorite target for cybercriminals

A new IT security study on malware concludes that the cloud will increasingly become a favorite target for cybercriminals.

First lawsuits filed to block net neutrality action

It had been suggested that the recent net neutrality vote by the FCC would be tied up for years in the courts, and the telecommunications industry hasn't disappointed, with the first lawsuits filed yesterday.

Users proclaim: Forget the press, we love our IT!

Recognition from your peers is great. Recognition from your customers is twice as nice. In this case, the customers are business users who think that the job IT is doing is really A-OK in their books.

A closer look at Windows 10: Free doesn't always mean free

The announcement that the free Windows 10 upgrade will work even on pirated versions of Windows has garnered quite a fair amount of interest. The reality may not match the expectations it created, however.

These 5 job markets are tops for big data pros

IT managers looking for much-coveted big data pros should pack their bags and head north to Seattle, which is the top job market for these highly-prized professionals, according to a new Dice study released today.

Twitter the latest Silicon Valley firm accused of discrimination

If ever a region of the country needed a really good PR agent it is Silicon Valley, as the latest public attention focuses on a gender discrimination suit at Twitter.

Change in Windows 10 Secure Boot requirement could make it harder to install Linux

A minor change to the Secure Boot portion of UEFI in Windows 10 could make it harder for enthusiasts to install Linux or alternative operating systems.

Cisco CSO admits to thwarting NSA spying attempts

Cisco has shipped equipment to addresses that are unrelated to customers as part of the company's efforts to make it difficult for the NSA to intercept shipments of its computer equipment.