Google beefs up Docs with dictation, advanced track changes

Google has released a range of new capabilities to Google Docs, including voice transcription and enhanced ability to track document changes.

Spotlight: Apple, Cisco back Microsoft in its case about U.S. access to data stored in Europe

Microsoft is taking on the full litigious force of the U.S. governemnet in a case that raises the question of what kind of data law enforcement agencies can access, according to an article from Bloomberg.

Users finally start ditching older versions of Internet Explorer in numbers

The release of Windows 10 and the new Edge browser is finally causing an impact in the user share of old and soon-to-be obsolete versions of Internet Explorer browsers, according to a new report on Computerworld.

Judge approves $415M award to employees in Google, Apple antipoaching conspiracy

A judge gave final approval Wednesday to give plaintiffs $415 million in an antitrust tech lawsuit that accused Google, Intel, Apple and Adobe of working together to ultimately deflate employees' salaries.

Netskope's Beri: CIOs are coming to terms with just how many cloud services employees are using

New funding, to the tune of $75 million, plus a 500 percent growth in its customer base in a year, indicate there's big demand for Netskope's cloud security offerings. 

Spotlight: Salesforce introduces second industry vertical with Health Cloud

Salesforce unveils Health Cloud, its second product aimed at a vertical industry.

Lenovo's Surface knockoff among new Windows 10 machines to come

With the shift to Windows 10, there's not a ton of huge innovation in laptops, at least judging from the scores of new machines unveiled at IFA this week. One laptop is getting some buzz – a Lenovo that's a Surface knock off. Otherwise, it's a surprise to see desktops getting some interesting treatment.

Tech giants Google, Microsoft, Cisco and others join forces to create open media standard

Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, Mozilla and Google announced yesterday their Alliance for Open Media, a collaboration to reduce their respective reliance on expensive patented media technologies.

HP's new enterprise security tools detects malware phoning home, software bugs

HP unveiled on Wednesday new enterprise security tools that can detect communications between malware and a remote server as well as uncover bugs in enterprise software using machine learning.

What Intel's Skylake processors mean for the enterprise

Laptops and desktops powered by the much-anticipated Skylake microprocessors are coming. We take a quick look at what it means for the enterprise.

More CIOs joining boards, WSJ reports

Along with Aerohive and Travelport, the Journal noted that ArcBest Corp., Autolive Inc., Lowe's Cos Inc., Winnebago Industries Inc. and Zion Bancorporation have all seen CIOs join their boards since February. 

Spotlight: Windows 10 up to 5% market share after 1 month

Windows 10 is now the fourth most used OS after just a month of being live.

VMware to provide 'EMM style' device management solution for Windows 10

VMware announced today a preview for a set of tools designed to help enterprises manage their Windows 10 devices. The solution, called Project A2, will employ strategies that IT could be more used to seeing on mobile devices.

Native hypervisor project for OpenBSD announced

The OpenBSD Foundation is backing a native hypervisor project kicked off by a developer. 

Linux 4.2 released with better performance, security

Linux 4.2 was released this week, offering better performance, security, plus support for Generic Network Virtualization Encapsulation.

Spotlight: Egnyte and Microsoft 365 add integrations for file sharing

Egnyte announced today that users will be able to open files stored in its systems using any of the Microsoft Office 365 tools.

Nvidia announces newest version of virtualization offering

Nvidia revealed today plans for Grid 2.0, the newest version of its virtualization technology aimed at the enterprise.

Gelsinger weighs in on work-life balance

VMware's Pat Gelsinger argues that work-life balance happens only when both the employer and the employee buy into achieving such balance. While he's right that employees have to make an effort, he omits the part that the whole thing falls apart if the employer doesn't support it. Amazon has shown exactly how that works.

User Data Manifesto 2.0 targets tech industry data practices

A new manifesto aims to place the full control of personal data in the hands of the user. The project has lined up some big-name supporters including KDE, GNOME and Free Software Foundation Europe.

Dropbox suffers outage over the weekend

Dropbox suffered an outage on Sunday, according to users posting messages on Twitter and the Dropbox online community.