News Scan: HPC-as-a-service; reinventing the CIO role; more

The top news stories for April 16, 2014.

Disruptive technologies creating opportunities for CIOs

Disruptive technologies are creating new opportunities for CIOs and IT to contribute in bigger ways to the success of their organizations, says a new CA Technologies report.

The mainframe turns 50--Who will power the next 5 decades?

As the mainframe marks its 50th anniversary, Michael Madden reflects on the experiences, skills and attitudes needed by the next generation of mainframers.

New big data center named for WWII code-breaker Turing

The British government has funded the creation of a new big data research center to be named after computer pioneer and WWII code-breaker Alan Turing.

News Scan: Preserving the R&D Tax Credit; NASA makes 1,000 free apps available; more

The top news stories for April 15, 2014.

5 tips for navigating the CIO role at tech companies

In a recent post at Forbes, Peter High--President of advisory firm Metis Strategy--outlines what CIOs in technology companies need to do to stay relevant, improve their IT teams and improve their businesses.

IT's Hottest Jobs: Information security analyst

Staffing expert Rona Borre examines the role of the information security analyst, one of the most in-demand jobs in IT today.

Building the future connected office

In order to prepare for tomorrow's connected office, Patrick Charron says IT managers should act today to prepare the enterprise infrastucture, and develop proper policies and procedures to allow for an open and collorative environment.

Feds' right to sue in data breach incidents upheld

The Federal Trade Commission's assertion that it has the right to sue companies found negligent in data breach incidents has been upheld in federal court.

News Scan: DATA Act passes Senate; 2013 a record year for mega breaches;

The top news stories for April 14, 2014.

How GE Capital finds young IT talent--and keeps it

Finding IT talent is a battle in itself. But developing and keeping that talent is a whole other ball game. GE Capital's Information Technology Leadership Program, or ITLP as it is commonly referred to, is one example of how a company recruits, trains--and helps develop and promote--IT talent.

Data threats and your staff: too many suspects

If you think you can trust your employees to have the company's data safety and security at heart, think again. Inside jobs account for an alarming percentage of data compromises at most organizations.

The new IT jobs: Who are these people?!

CIOs say they will increase hiring and salaries this year. But the emergence of several new IT management and professional level job roles will make the job of determining proper experiences, and competitive salaries, very challenging.

States' new IT spending strategy: Strength in sharing

Following the lead in the corporate sector, state spending on IT continues to rise and this year should mark a return to pre-recession levels for most states. Topping the list of IT spending priorities is shared services.

'No Estimates' a boon or boondoggle for software projects?

The #NoEstimates "movement" is the latest hot button in enterprise software development. Unfortunately, its name may obscure the value of the concept.

Is the cybersecurity skills shortage a national crisis?

Should the U.S. make the training and development of cyber security professionals a national priority? One security expert says absolutely!

The year of the insider threat

While organizations try to remain on guard against a host of outside IT security threats, this year may in fact be the year of the insider threat, one security expert argues.

Evaluating risks in new tech adoption

How do you evaluate risk when you're considering a new enterprise technology?