With Windows 10, a new salvo in the browser wars

Windows 10 shipped this week and with it a bevy of new apps from Microsoft. Chief among them is a replacement for the long derided Internet Explorer in the form of Edge. While the update to the baked-in browser is widely seen as an upgrade, users have found that an upgrade to Windows 10 will disregard the previous version's default browser and automatically institute Edge as Web surfing go-to.

Stalled at hiring women in tech, Pinterest rolls out some new tactics

Boosting the number of women in tech at Pinterest has stalled and so to spur improvements, the company is revealing its hiring goals and implementing some new hiring tactics.

Is Windows 10's Wi-Fi Sense a security risk to the enterprise?

Is the new Wi-Fi Sense feature in Windows 10 a security risk to the enterprise?

Report: New Apple TV to be announced in September

A substantial upgrade to the Apple TV will be announced in September, according to a new report.

President releases exec. order for supercomputer development

President Obama has released an executive order to encourage the growth of high-performance computing research, development and deployment. 

Microsoft releases fully functional trial of Windows 10 enterprise

Microsoft has released a trial edition of Windows 10 enterprise for corporate customers that will stay fully functional for 90 days.

Java developers better at finding and fixing problems, study reveals

A news study finds that Java developers are doing a good job at diagnosing, fixing and testing performance issues.

Healthcare CIOs need a large dose of tech skills, clinical understanding, and communication prowess

FierceCIO speaks with Mick Ruel, vice president of executive search at healthcare industry staffing firm B E Smith about what hospitals and healthcare systems are looking for in a CIO hire, and what skills and qualities make or break a candidate.

Four things that CIOs can look forward to in Windows 10

Still debating whether to make the switch to Windows 10? We highlight four things that CIOs can look forward to in Microsoft's newest version of Windows.

Your quick reference guide to Windows 10 for the enterprise

The quick reference guide to the most pertinent Windows 10 coverage you may have missed.

Security firm makes three cyberattack predictions for remainder of 2015

We're used to reading bold headlines and breaking news reports of cyberattacks and data breaches. But security company PKWARE prefers to predict cyberattacks yet to come.

Five IT college majors among those demanding the highest starting salaries

This year is a very good one for students with IT degrees, according to a salary report from Payscale.

New study reveals mobile hiring priorities for the year

Mobile technology has been touted as one of the five top technology trends for 2015, so it comes as little surprise that 50 percent of organizations are hiring for mobile IT pros this year.

IT budgets edge upward, IT hiring takes a dip

A new study finds that the number of CIOs that expect budget increases has risen through the first half of 2015.

BI and analytics top IT investment priorities

Business intelligence and analytics have risen to the top spot when it comes to technology investments this year.

Microsoft pushes out rapid-fire series of patches as Windows 10 release nears

Microsoft pushes out multiple patches for soon-to-be-released Windows 10 over the last week.