Microsoft unveils specifications for second generation cloud server design

Microsoft has taken the wraps off its second-generation design for cloud servers that will help cut down on costs and offer greater power and efficiency.

Facebook open source 'osquery' is a unique monitoring tool for servers

Facebook has released a new open source tool called osquery that is designed specifically to make monitoring of server operating systems easier.

Microsoft throws open the door to Office 365 with release of APIs

Microsoft has opened up its Office 365 cloud offering with a set of APIs that third-party developers can tap into from their Web services and mobile apps.

OS X Yosemite Wi-Fi problems stump Mac owners

Some OS X users are reporting inexplicable issues with their Wi-Fi connectivity after upgrading to Yosemite.

Crime does indeed pay, for cybercriminals targeting US banks

Crime apparently does pay--and quite handsomely--for cybercriminals targeting the banking and financial services sectors.


IT still struggling with security in the cloud

A growing number of organizations are embracing cloud computing, but those that already have say managing security is still a major challenge.

Enterprise transformation demands new customized learning

Business needs have changed little, but strategies for training, learning and performance support have changed dramatically. Alan Young looks at what this means for the CIO.

Amazon launches Fire TV Stick to compete with Chromecast

Amazon has launched the $39 Fire TV Stick to compete with the Google Chromecast.

Leaked details of next version of Office for Mac emerges

Various screenshots that allegedly show the next version of Office for Mac have been leaked.

IT leaders losing control over enterprise data, study reveals

Leadership is failing to respond to the escalating risk of ungoverned file sharing practices among employees, says a new study by the Ponemon Institute.

Four tips on how to keep IT vendors in line

Senior IT executives offer suggestions to businesses on how to keep IT vendors in line. 

Microsoft goes unlimited with OneDrive for Office 365 subscribers

Microsoft has announced that it will be offering unlimited OneDrive cloud storage for Office 365 customers.

CIOs: Email isn't going anywhere, anytime soon

According to IT professionals, email is here to stay in the enterprise … at least for the next few years.

Shortage of mobile app developers reaching critical point

Several recent IT staffing surveys have pointed to a growing skills gap, and one area being especially hard hit is mobile app development. This is bad news for IT hiring managers, as mobility is one of the fastest growing areas in IT this year and heading into 2015.

Facebook, Yahoo work together to prevent abuse of recycled email addresses

Engineers from Facebook and Yahoo have worked together to create a new standard that promises to address problems arising from recycled email accounts.

Spotlight: 2-in-1 charger supports both micro-USB, Lightning

The Syncable-Duo is a cable you want to carry for both your Apple and non-Apple devices.