Black women entrepreneurs raise pennies compared to other business leaders, new report finds

Black women are founding their own companies more and more, yet they aren't getting anywhere near the type of financial backing as other companies – including companies that fail. 

As technology pervades everything, the CIO takes on influencer role, Zeta's CIO says

For Jeffry Nimeroff, CIO of Zeta Interactive, being the tech leader for a billion dollar company that pushes CRM software, customer acquisition engines, and other businesses, IT is a game of finesse.

LibreOffice 5.1 now faster than ever, adds support for cloud

The Document Foundation on Wednesday took the wraps off LibreOffice 5.1, which comes with a variety of improvements and a performance bump.

Microsoft adds a new track to Windows 10 beta program

Microsoft has announced a new update track to its Windows 10 preview program that will be more conservative than the 'Fast' and 'Slow' tracks.

Spotlight: Microsoft bones up on dog breeds with machine learning app

Microsoft continues to flex its artificial intelligence muscles with the release of a new app, Fetch!

GitHub Enterprise update takes aim at the biggest dev shops out there

In the midst of reports of internal strife at Github, reportedly related to debates over whether the organization should cater to large businesses, the organization rolled out features targeted at its very biggest users.

Spotlight: IBM cognitive computing exec gone after 9 months

Stephen Pratt, head of IBM's cognitive business solutions group, has left the company after just nine months, according to Fortune.

Opera board recommends $1.2B acquisition offer from Chinese group

Opera's board of directors announced late Tuesday its unanimous recommendation for stockholders to accept a $1.2 billion offer for the company's acquisition by a Chinese consortium.

Gmail to alert users to unsecured or unauthenticated email messages

Gmail will now alert users to unsecured or unauthenticated email messages as part of a bid to ratchet up the security of the popular email service.

Microsoft fixes InPrivate browsing on Edge so that it's actually private

Microsoft on Tuesday issued a Windows 10 update that fixes a problem with InPrivate browsing on the Edge browser and starts a new precident where the company will issue release notes with updates going forward. 

Spotlight: White House expected to announce cybersecurity budget increases

The White House will reportedly announce a drastic increase in cybersecurity spending today, according to Computerworld.

Zenefits CEO Conrad resigns amid seeming clash of startup mentality versus regulated industry

Zenefits cofounder and CEO Parker Conrad stepped down Monday amid reports that the company let health insurance brokers operate without proper licensing. Chief Operating Officer David Sacks, cofounder and former CEO of Yammer, will succeed Conrad.

Microsoft botches OneDrive storage change, again

Some OneDrive users who should be grandfathered into an unlimited storage plan through the rest of the year, say they're being capped. 

Microsoft uses the App Store like a menu for acquisitions and there's little Apple can do to stop it

The app store approach has allowed Microsoft to invade iOS and Android. While the company would otherwise be wallowing in mobile irrelevancy, its war chest has allowed it to continually cherry pick some of the most popular productivity apps for acquisition as well as build out its own offerings.

For Accenture, inclusion isn't just black and white, male or female

Accenture hopes to improve diversity in the copany by not only taking steps to change hiring practices, but to encourage inclusion and understanding among its ranks, and not just in terms of ethnicity or gender.

Spotlight: Amazon spends big on lobbying

Amazon spent $9.4 million on lobbying in 2015, a figure that puts it in the company of other big spenders like Microsoft and Facebook.

SAP updates SuccessFactors with continuous performance review features

SAP announced a set of new features for its SuccessFactors Performance and Goals solution that will allow users to better keep track of and plan for continuous performance management.

January was a rough month for IT job seekers

In January, the U.S. added less than half the number of IT jobs than it did in November of last year, according to analysis by Foote Partners of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics release of data on Friday.

Microsoft reportedly responds to mounting criticism over per-core licensing plan

Microsoft reportedly engaged in a back-and-forth online examination of its new Windows Server licensing rules, including disagreements on changes that some see as confusing and possibly exploitative.

When it comes to IT jobs, it's all about DevOps, mobile and security, says SysAid's Sarah Lahav

IT jobs have always been - and will likely always be - a hot topic. Demand for IT talent has ebbed and flowed over the past year, and is finally on an upswing. So what kind of jobs are companies looking to fill? Sarah Lahav of SysAid thinks DevOps, mobile and security are the hottest areas when it comes to the IT workforce.