4 next-gen Ethernet specifications in development for data centers, the enterprise

Work on at least least four major Ethernet standards are currently in development or discussion for the next wave of wired networks.

Google tweaks search algorithms to fight online piracy

Google is rolling out a change in its search algorithm to demote websites that facilitate or engage in online piracy.

Lack of advancement opportunities number one complaint in IT

The issue that most frustrates IT workers today is a lack of advancement opportunities, reveals new research from staffing firm Robert Half International, which offers advice on how CIOs can best keep workers happy, and on the job.

Tech firms form new security alliance, while new study details carding black market

A new alliance of technology companies has formed "to help stem the rising tide of cybersecurity threats," just as a new report details how the stolen credit card black market works.

Digital transformation changing the recruiting, job seeking process

IT managers and professionals alike must undergo dramatic change in the next few years in how they recruit new hires or perform on the job, says research firm Gartner.

News Scan: IoT good for vendors; Tech icons star in new graphic novel; More

The top news stories for Oct. 22, 2014.

Steps for selling the cloud to the business side

It's hard selling anything to the businessside today, with tightened budgets and cost-cutting measures in place at many enterprises in the U.S. and beyond. But approaching the business leaders with something like cloud investment, for storage and backup needs, can be even trickier, explains Randy McGraw.

Docker 1.3 to offer improved security

Docker 1.3 to offer improved security with the use of signed images.

Microsoft pulls another Patch Tuesday update; warns of serious new Office bug

Microsoft has pulled another Patch Tuesday update--its third in three months--and separately issued a warning of a serious new bug that is currently being exploited.

New Mac Mini meets lukewarm reception

The newly unveiled Apple Mac Mini is meeting a lukewarm response from existing users--as well as a raft of complaints on its repairability, upgradability.

Why legacy modernization projects fail

Legacy modernization projects often fail due to the large number of unknowns and lack of organizational capability. Deanne Wertin offers her advice on how CIOs can successfully deliver on the ideas and commitments being made.

Apple releases mega update to resolve security flaws across multiple products

Apple has released a mega security update that affects multiple products including the OS X operating system, OS X Server and iTunes.

Developing automation experts internally

The DevOps environment requires a new breed of technologist says Nathen Harvey: one that spans developer and operations functions and aligns closely with the C-suite: the automation expert. He offers advice on how CIOs can find and develop this key talent within the existing organization.

Expect to pay solid, but realistic, IT salaries heading into 2015

There has been some disagreement in recent salary surveys on what the year ahead holds on the salary front. FierceCIO spoke with Jack Cullen, president of the IT staffing firm Modic, about its recent 2015 Salary Guide and what IT managers should expect.

Newly uncovered security weakness could let hackers hide malicious Android app within another app

Security researchers last week demonstrated how a newly uncovered security weakness could allow a malicious Android app to be embedded within another app to avoid detection.

Do you want fries with that iPhone?

Soon you you'll be able to buy McDonald's fries--and the rest of their food--with your Apple iPhone 6, 6 plus or Apple Watch, thanks to Apple Pay.

New Dice study reveals where IT pros most want to work

California has emerged as the place IT workers would most like to live and work, according to a new study by staffing web site Dice, which looked at which markets draw the most out-of-state applicants.