FierceCIO webinar explores consumerization and the role of the CIO

For insights on what consumerization in IT means to you, we invite you to join the FierceCIO webinar on "Consumerization and the CIO" to be held July 29, at 2 p.m. EST.

When to hire--and forgive--a CISO

A growing awareness of cyber threats has many organizations adding the role of chief security officer or chief information security officer. Bob West shares his thoughts on when you need one, and what you should hold them accountable for.

Box expands unlimited storage to lower-cost Business plan

Box says it will offer unlimited storage to its lower-cost Business plan, and announced upcoming plans to integrate more closely with Microsoft's Office 365.

Microsoft: Ditch password managers and strong passwords

Rather than trying to use unique, complex passwords for every single Web service or computer system, a paper from Microsoft suggests you use simple password for sites and services that don't provide access to sensitive or valuable data.

Creating a team culture of innovation

Eric Winquist offers insights on how CIOs can instill a deep sense of commitment in their IT teams to deliver truly innovative solutons.

Growing IT layoffs add to recruiter feeding frenzy

As the industry scrambles to figure out what the massive-scale Microsoft layoffs will mean for the tech giant, the immediate concensus is that it's now 'open season' for IT recruiters.

Government CIOs struggle to control IT complexity

The vast majority of federal agencies are struggling with network complexity, with 94 percent saying they have experienced downtime that has impacted their agency's mission.

Google finally addresses battery-eating bug in Chrome

Google has finally responded to a bug in Chrome for Windows that has been quietly zapping up the battery life of some laptops for years.

How serious is the newly reported Active Directory design loophole?

A design flaw in Active Directory that could potentially be used to compromise enterprise systems has been uncovered , says cybersecurity firm Aorato.

Tech is robbing our personal time, new campaign says 'take it back'

A new study finds that the vast majority of all Americans are putting in way more than the traditional 40-hour work week, and it places the lion's share of the the blame on technology. In response, the study sponsor is encouraging employees to #TakeBack60 of their lost minutes each day.

House votes to make Internet access tax ban permanent

This week the U.S. House of Representatives voted to make the temporary ban on Internet access taxes a permanent ban.

Just one year left for an estimated 15M Windows Server 2003 deployments

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 will cease to be supported by Microsoft as of July 14, 2014--less than a year from today.



GCHQ leak reveals digital hacking tools spies can access

A document--which appears to list a large number of cyber tools developed by the GCHQ--offers a glimpse of the digital arsenal that spies have at their disposal.

Oracle releases 113 security patches across 14 products

Oracle has released a major Critical Patch Update this week, consisting of over a total of 113 security patches spread over 14 different products.

Microsoft cutting 18,000 jobs, or 14% of workforce

Two weeks ago Microsoft employees were told to get ready for dramatic cultural changes at the company, and today comes word that up to 18,000 of current staff won't be a part of those changes.

Leaked screenshot of 'Windows 9' shows spiffed up Start menu

A screenshot of what appears to be an upcoming version of Windows has purportedly been leaked, casting a spotlight on reports of its imminent return.

5 steps CIOs can take to manage IT complexity

The expression "keep it simple, stupid," is particularly relevant to CIOs today, as complexity has taken root in many IT departments to a level they haven't seen before.