Backoff's victim count could be well over 1,000

Kaspersky Labs has revealed that the number of corporate victims of the Backoff POS malware could be substantially more than the 1,000 estimated by federal officials.

IDC slashes forecasts for tablets, increases it for PC shipments

Shipments of tablets will not be as high, and PC shipments will not be as bad as previously projected, says research firm IDC.

Microsoft's explanation of cloud outage praised by customers

Microsoft has gained some praises for its candid post-mortem evaluation of a recent outage of its Visual Studio Online service.

The falling cost of cloud storage, and what they don't tell you about it

Cloud storage may be an excellent way to synchronize data across multiple devices, but it is terrible for large data backups.

Surface Pro 3 heat issue not a problem, says Microsoft

Microsoft has denied that the Surface Pro 3 has a heat problem, though it promised a software fix to address incorrect thermal warning seen by some.

Seagate ships world's first 8TB hard drive, sans helium

Seagate has announced the world's first 8TB hard disk drive, which will not use helium--a method used by Western Digital.

Prospective CIOs: How to get to the top, and stay there

In a post at InformationWeek, Jonathan Feldman lists three key steps to take in order to make sure you become a successful CIO or IT leader.

US banks, Norwegian energy firms latest cyberattack victims

The pace of large-scale cyberattacks has increased to almost daily now, with the latest being word of cyberattacks against several U.S. financial institutions, and approximately 300 energy firms in Norway.

Taking a closer look at OpenStack and its future in the enterprise

A research analyst takes a deeper look at OpenStack and how it has evolved as developers and end-users unite to build out its capabilities.

What is Backoff and how can you protect your organization from this malware?

We take a closer look at the Backoff malware, and identify some possible ways of defending your organization against it.

Tips for addressing cybersecurity with the board

If there is one group paying special attention to cyber-attacks today it is America's corporate directors. Stephen Boyer offers advice on how board members and security executives can have meaningful dialogue on what to do about them.

Programmers rejoice! Cobol still has life

Not everyone still using Cobol is rushing to upgrade, apparently. Computerworld's Robert Mitchell digs into the why, and highlights the issues faced by companies that still rely on the vintage programming language.

The new California BYOD rule--and you

As if CIOs don't have enough BYOD issues to worry about, now comes a new court decision from California that requires companies to pay for much of their employees' device use.    

Microsoft tweaks Skype notification to be more intuitive

Upcoming new feature ensures that notifications will favor device that is currently active.

IT pros and CIOs: Pay raise, what pay raise!?

If a pay raise is the best indicator of a job well done, IT professionals and managers must have a lot of making up to do, according to new IT hiring and compensation research.