Thousands of websites compromised by buggy WordPress plugin

At the heart of the problem is a recently patched security flaw in MailPoet, a plugin with over a million downloads.

7 tips for leading your IT team to greatness

"Young leaders think that … you just automatically come in, and become a team and it just doesn't work that way," says Tredgold, who has filled a series of leadership positions throughout his 25 years in IT.

New Dropbox for Business gets enterprise-friendly features

Dropbox is beefing up the business version of its online cloud storage service with more granular security, new tools and full-text search

3 steps to a more secure BYOD program

Despite all the warnings in the tech media about Bring-Your-Own-Device, or BYOD, security risks, a minority of organizations have implemented policies or processes to address BYOD, a new study finds.

KPMG's CEO study highlights need for IT innovation

More than ever, CIOs have the ability to help transform their organizations. And that fact couldn't come at a more crucial time, as a majority of CEOs worry about their company's ability to stay relevant and competitive.

What the Apple-IBM deal means for the CIO

We take a closer look at the enterprise implications of the deal that the Apple-IBM partnership for the CIO.

Wearables in the workplace: How to write an effective BYOx policy

As wearables make their way into the workplace, IT departments must develop new BYOx policies that protect the company and its assets. Joe Siegrist offers advice on what such policies should include.

Some reasons why going completely paperless won't work

Here are some reasons why embracing both paper and digital may be a better idea than going completely paperless.

IT managers earning handsome salaries: in the right markets, and if they're male

CIOs, CTOs and CSOs face unprecedented pressures and scrutiny on the job, but at least 2014 salary rates are helping to lessen the pain. That is, if you live in the right market, and if you're male.

System administrators: We're worth $673,719!

Need a new system administrator? Be prepared to pony up $673,719 a year in salary alone. At least that is the message of SysAdmins themselves, who were recently asked by IT software firm Solar Winds to put a price tag on the various 'extra' duties they perform on the job. 


FierceCIO webinar explores consumerization and the role of the CIO

For insights on what consumerization in IT means to you, we invite you to join the FierceCIO webinar on "Consumerization and the CIO" to be held July 29, at 2 p.m. EST.

When to hire--and forgive--a CISO

A growing awareness of cyber threats has many organizations adding the role of chief security officer or chief information security officer. Bob West shares his thoughts on when you need one, and what you should hold them accountable for.

Box expands unlimited storage to lower-cost Business plan

Box says it will offer unlimited storage to its lower-cost Business plan, and announced upcoming plans to integrate more closely with Microsoft's Office 365.

Microsoft: Ditch password managers and strong passwords

Rather than trying to use unique, complex passwords for every single Web service or computer system, a paper from Microsoft suggests you use simple password for sites and services that don't provide access to sensitive or valuable data.

EFF unveils hacking contest to make small business, home routers more secure

Working together with the company Independent Security Evaluators, the Electronic Freedom Foundation is running a security bug-finding competition at the Defcon 22 security conference that will be held in Las Vegas next month.

Release date for 12-inch Retina MacBook Air 'pushed back'

The release date for the much anticipated 12-inch Retina MacBook may be pushed back, according to the latest rumors coming out of Taiwan.