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Consumerization and the CIO

Webinar | Tuesday, July 29th, 2pm ET / 11am PT | Sponsored by: PGi

From devices to services to apps, end users have a lot of choices - and those choices are bleeding into enterprise IT faster than ever. How do these changes affect IT strategy, budget and infrastructure? Register Today!

IBM SmarterCommerce Webinar: File Synch / File Share for the Enterprise – Taken to the Extreme

Webinar | Available On-Demand | Sponsored by: IBM

Join this webinar with Derek Brink, Vice President and Research Fellow for IT Security and IT GRC at the Aberdeen Group, to discover how to develop your own innovative approach to managed file transfer. Find out how to bring new levels of efficiency, visibility and collaboration to every process – and reach new heights of success for your business. Click here to watch this on-demand webinar today!

Service Assurance for OpenStack

Webinar | Now Available On-Demand | Presented by: Intel

Since the cloud environment is a shared environment with multiple applications from different groups running at the same time, you need to know you are getting the performance that was allocated and that you are not being impacted by a 'noisy neighbor'. Register to watch Now.

Is CYOD the New Answer to BYOD?

Webinar | Now Available On-Demand | Presented by: AT&T

Many organizations are now taking a fresh look at whether BYOD is delivering on its promise. Join Ben Hoffman, Research Analyst at IDC and Sundhar Annamalai, Executive Director, AT&T Advanced Mobility Solutions as they discuss the difference and pros and cons between BYOD and CYOD. Register to Watch Now!

How Parallel Storage Creates Innovation Advantages for Life Sciences

Webinar | Now Available On-Demand | Presented by: Intel

Life sciences and research organizations worldwide are generating massive amounts of data. Data-intensive workflows such as these require the sustained performance and virtually unlimited scalability only parallel storage delivers. Join us to discover the power of advanced software storage solutions for life sciences. Register to Watch Now!

Developing for the Internet of Things: Challenges and Opportunities

Webinar | Now available on-demand | Sponsored by: Kony | Published on: May 5

Cisco estimates that 50 billion devices and objects will be connected to the Internet by 2020. Will there be a role for developers in this area? And if so, how can developers position themselves in the months ahead on this nascent but potentially explosive opportunity? Register today to watch now!

Equipping an Increasingly Mobile Workforce

Webinar | Now available on-demand | Sponsored By: PGi

A recent survey revealed that enterprises in the United Kingdom are adopting "Choose Your Own Device" strategies twice as often at "Bring Your Own Device" strategies. This webinar will take a closer look at the business case for CYOD and considerations in implementing such a policy. Register Today!

Inside NFV - Why is virtualization important?

Webinar | Now Available On-Demand | Sponsored by: F5 Networks

Vendors claim that the wireless industry is about to go through a major change as operators simplify and scale their networks by separating hardware and software functionality and using virtualization to improve network management in the software layer. This webinar will look at the latest developments in NFV and what it means to operators and vendors. Register today!

Rethinking Enterprise Mobility Management - Beyond BYOD


Enterprise mobility management is about more than just getting handle on the flood of BYOD devices coming into the organization. It is about managing the explosion of new devices, applications, content and transactions, which threatens to overwhelm IT managers. Our panel of experts will help you understand how to develop effective strategies that accelerate mobility transformation and prepare your organization for the mobile future. Register to watch now!

Enterprise Messaging: Powering Customer Engagement through Mobile Messaging

Webinar | NOW AVAILABLE ON DEMAND | Presented by: Infinite Convergence

In this webinar, Pamela Clark-Dickson, Senior Analyst at Informa Telecoms & Media; and John Puma Vice President of Product Management at Infinite Convergence Solutions will provide insight into the evolution and future of mobile messaging, and present case studies on how organizations have harnessed the power of mobile messaging to support customer business strategies. Register to Watch Now!

Reduce Datacenter Energy Costs by up to 15%: Software Meets Datacenter ROI

Webinar | Now Available On-Demand | Presented by: Intel

Join us for a look at two Intel Datacenter Software solutions, sample use cases, and implementation overviews. Intel Data Center Manager (Intel DCM): Energy Director provides device-level power and thermal monitoring and management for groups of servers, networking, storage, and other IT equipment. Register to Watch Now!

Building a Mobile Campus

Webinar | Now Available On-Demand | Presented by: AT&T

Implementing the infrastructure to support an increasingly 'mobile-first' campus requires academics institutions to make wise technology investments that optimize the teaching and learning environment. Register to Watch Now!

802.11ac: Is Now the Time to Move to the New Wireless LAN?

Webinar | Now Available On-Demand | Presented by: Xirrus

Every 2-3 years, some new variant of wireless standard comes to the market. Keeping up with the latest, greatest technology is becoming a challenge but more importantly, what really matters to you? In the end, you have to plan and budget to maximize your investment. CIOs and IT Directors have to make tough decision balancing the timing of technology refreshes with the opportunity cost. Register to Watch Now!

LNPA Change Could Cost Telecom Industry $719M in First Year

Webinar | Now available On-Demand! | Presented by: Neustar

What could go wrong with a huge database migration? Find out what telecom carriers may experience if the nation’s local number portability administrator is changed in this review of the costs and strategic risks of changing how number portability administration is performed in the US. Register today!

Key Strategies for Implementing 4G Networks in Branch Offices

Webinar | Now Available On Demand | Presented by: CradlePoint

While 4G connectivity provides enterprises with the value of secure, flexible, and highly reliable networking, there can be obstacles to successful implementation. Learn key strategies for implementing 4G networks in branch office verticals like retail, financial services, healthcare, and transportation. Register to watch now!

Wi-Fi Performance: How To Avoid Another #WiFail

Webinar | Now Available On-Demand | Sponsored by: Xirrus

Enterprise IT operates in a world full of buzzwords like BYOD and mobility. But at the root of it all is the necessity to assure performance for business applications. In this webinar, we'll look at some key technology considerations to make when evaluating Wi-Fi solutions to ensure your network doesn’t #WiFail. Register to Watch Now!

Transforming Post-Trade Operations Through Streamlined Business Processes

Webinar | SPONSORED BY: Appian | NOW AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND | PUBLISHED: February 19, 2014

This Webinar examines real-world techniques to improve efficiency in some of the finance industry's most complex processes. Register to watch now!

Making the Leap to IP Hosted Business Communications Services

Webinar | Now available on-demand | Sponsored by: Oracle

This webinar will cover a range of topics related to the delivery of Hosted Business Communications services, including: how to identify and qualify business customers that stand to benefit the most, case studies on service providers who have successfully "made the leap" to offering hosted business communications services, and much more! Register to watch now!

Closing the Deal with Mobile Apps for Manufacturers

Webinar | Now Available On-Demand | Presented by: AT&T

This webinar will explore how the benefits of real-time information access for the sales and distribution channel, improved inventory management and resource allocation through instant visibility into the supply chain, and methods for providing secure mobile access to business applications across the enterprise. Register to watch now!

Maximize Workforce Productivity with Mobile Apps

Webinar | Now Available On-Demand | Sponsored by: AT&T

This FierceMobileIT webinar will explore how to deploy a mobility platform architecture to design, build and manage mobile applications across the enterprise; provide real-time access to critical applications and data; and support diverse mobile device types while extending back-end data integration to mobile devices. Register to Watch Now!

Video for Mobile Workers: The Challenges and the Payoff for the Enterprise

Webinar | Now Available On-Demand | Sponsored by: RAMP

Join us on March 13th to discuss online video and its uses for a mobile workforce, including company training, collaboration, employee engagement and more. Register to learn about the challenges of online video, and how companies can best support mobile workers with reliable video to get their jobs done better. Register Today!

360 Degree Mobile Security Assessment

Webinar | Now Available On-Demand | Sponsored by: AT&T

Devices, applications and content increasingly are at risk as today’s workforce further integrates mobility into their work life. Listen as Charles Kolodgy, Research Vice President for IDC's Security Products, dives into the key areas of mobile security organizations should assess to protect its data while engaging its customers, partners, and employees. Register to Watch Now!