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Addressing the IT Hurdles in Enterprise 4G LTE Deployments

Webinar | NOW AVAILABLE ON DEMAND | Presented By: Qualcomm

This webinar will provide a high level overview of the benefits of organizational deployments of notebook PCs and tablets in the Enterprise using embedded 4G LTE mobile broadband. Register to watch now!

Delivering on the promise of NSTIC: Enhanced cybersecurity through an identity ecosystem

Webinar | Now Available On Demand | Sponsored by: Dell

This FierceGovernmentIT webinar will explore: The goals of NSTIC and how they match the processes underway with the Identity Ecosystem Steering Group; How NSTIC implementation could transform federal IT; Federal use cases now being tested; and Next steps for the identity ecosystem. Register to watch now!

BYOD Pushes IT Departments to the Limit

Webinar | NOW AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND | Sponsored by: Dell Software

The number and variety of mobile devices in the enterprise have exploded over the last few years. This webinar will explore the IT challenges posed by BYOD as well as some solutions to help IT cope in an increasingly mobile world. Register to Watch Now!

Cybersecurity framework, where do we go from here?

Webinar | Now Available On Demand | Sponsored by: Dell

This FierceGovernmentIT webinar will explore: the current status of the framework's implementation by critical infrastructure; Incentives or protections for conformance; Privacy considerations within the framework; and Future plans for the framework. Register to watch now!


Six ways Mobile Messaging can help improve your Business Productivity

Webinar | NOW AVAILABLE ON DEMAND | Presented by: Infinite Convergence

In this webinar, Myles Naughton and John Puma, Vice Presidents at Infinite Convergence Solutions will provide insight into the evolution and future of mobile messaging, and present six use cases on how enterprises can harness the power of mobile messaging to improve their business productivity. Register to watch now!

Powering Exceptional Designs: The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising Digital Experience

Webinar | NOW AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND | Presented by: IBM

Join our live web event to learn how FIDM constantly reinvents the way they communicate with students, and empowers staff to easily provide dynamic, relevant, consistent content across any digital channel. Register to Watch Now!

Maximize The Value of Your Organization's Media Assets

Webinar | Now Available On-Demand | Presented by: Kaltura and Akamai

Join this webinar to learn from Oracle's Director of Media Technology Solutions about the value of consolidating asset storage, hosting, and management to provide access and drive discovery and reuse of valuable media assets across multiple platforms and applications - from webcasting to digital signage to corporate tubes and portals. Register to Watch Today!

Advancing the federal cybersecurity workforce

Webinar | Now Available On Demand | Sponsored by: Dell

Join NIST and NICE leaders as they explore The National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework, innovative spproaches to cybersecurity training and workforce improvement, the broader focus of NICE in advancing cybersecurity awareness nationawide, and more! Register to watch now!!

Consumerization and the CIO

Webinar | Now Available On-Demand | Sponsored by: PGi

From devices to services to apps, end users have a lot of choices - and those choices are bleeding into enterprise IT faster than ever. How do these changes affect IT strategy, budget and infrastructure? Register to watch now!

Service Assurance for OpenStack

Webinar | Now Available On-Demand | Presented by: Intel

Since the cloud environment is a shared environment with multiple applications from different groups running at the same time, you need to know you are getting the performance that was allocated and that you are not being impacted by a 'noisy neighbor'. Register to watch Now.

Is CYOD the New Answer to BYOD?

Webinar | Now Available On-Demand | Presented by: AT&T

Many organizations are now taking a fresh look at whether BYOD is delivering on its promise. Join Ben Hoffman, Research Analyst at IDC and Sundhar Annamalai, Executive Director, AT&T Advanced Mobility Solutions as they discuss the difference and pros and cons between BYOD and CYOD. Register to Watch Now!

Developing for the Internet of Things: Challenges and Opportunities

Webinar | Now available on-demand | Sponsored by: Kony

Cisco estimates that 50 billion devices and objects will be connected to the Internet by 2020. Will there be a role for developers in this area? And if so, how can developers position themselves in the months ahead on this nascent but potentially explosive opportunity? Register to watch now!

Equipping an Increasingly Mobile Workforce

Webinar | Now available on-demand | Sponsored By: PGi

A recent survey revealed that enterprises in the United Kingdom are adopting "Choose Your Own Device" strategies twice as often at "Bring Your Own Device" strategies. This webinar will take a closer look at the business case for CYOD and considerations in implementing such a policy. Register Today!

Inside NFV - Why is virtualization important?

Webinar | Now Available On-Demand | Sponsored by: F5 Networks

Vendors claim that the wireless industry is about to go through a major change as operators simplify and scale their networks by separating hardware and software functionality and using virtualization to improve network management in the software layer. This webinar will look at the latest developments in NFV and what it means to operators and vendors. Register today!

Rethinking Enterprise Mobility Management - Beyond BYOD


Enterprise mobility management is about more than just getting handle on the flood of BYOD devices coming into the organization. It is about managing the explosion of new devices, applications, content and transactions, which threatens to overwhelm IT managers. Our panel of experts will help you understand how to develop effective strategies that accelerate mobility transformation and prepare your organization for the mobile future. Register to watch now!