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1 in 3 IT managers say: The CIO must go!

As if CIOs didn't have enough job survival concerns, now we learn that one of every three managers in their own IT ranks thinks they need to be shown the door.

Don't be the only security fall guy

No organization is immune from cyberattacks. And no IT professional can guarantee a 100 percent uptime environment. But the recent departure of Target CIO Beth Jacob illustrates how a shared accountability model of IT security can prevent the CIO from facing the music alone when the unthinkable does happen.

Job demand is up, and it's going to cost you

With all of the predictions about technology investments for 2014, we knew the job market was bound to take off in response, and it has according to one staffing expert I spoke with this week.

Overcoming a crisis of confidence

I have decided that the biggest story shaping IT this year isn't the cloud, or mobile or even big data. It is a crisis in confidence.

IT job market: Best of times? Worst of times?

IT professionals will be forgiven if they feel very confused about their true value these days. After all, the tech media is full of conflicting reports on just how much IT workers are in demand.

Let's make 2014 the year of training

The IT industry has been bemoaning a lack of qualified workers to handle the tasks at hand. Now it's time to do something about it.

Promoting programs that boost the IT career image

FierceCIO wants to hear about any group or organization that is trying to make a difference in promoting the value, appeal and reward of IT careers.

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Marketing technology: So many tools, so little time (and money)

 Collaboration is the only way forward. If the pressure on marketing is intensified, then the IT/marketing collaboration should logically be intensified. 

Why Malcolm Gladwell might be an interesting fraud

... and what it means for IT leaders