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Promoting programs that boost the IT career image

FierceCIO wants to hear about any group or organization that is trying to make a difference in promoting the value, appeal and reward of IT careers.

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Marketing technology: So many tools, so little time (and money)

 Collaboration is the only way forward. If the pressure on marketing is intensified, then the IT/marketing collaboration should logically be intensified. 

Why Malcolm Gladwell might be an interesting fraud

... and what it means for IT leaders

What Dropbox tells you about your IT department

Remember when you rolled out an ERP system 10 years ago? Remember working to identify Super Users, the blessed few eager adopters who would champion the system within their own departments? Remember 'training the trainers'? Remember all those rollout meetings and change management initiatives?

How a decent risk assessment could save you a lot of money

...even if nothing bad ever happens: Lower your company's insurance premiums by better connecting IT security with corporate risk managers.

Here's what your CMO is up against

...or: Big data, marketing and the Loch Ness Monster.

The CIO, CMO challenge: What does it mean for your team (and your job)?

What are CIOs doing differently now to work together with the marketing department? 

The upside: 3 business trends that illustrate the value of holistic thinking

... and the death of silos, in IT and beyond. DevOps, ERM and Content Strategy show how holistic thinking is the order of the day.

Microsoft's 'stack ranking' process, management by silo, and the need for speed

n my opinion, there are two popular management techniques that are absolutely, positively, fundamentally and diametrically opposed to speed.