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FierceCIO webinar explores consumerization and the role of the CIO

For insights on what consumerization in IT means to you, we invite you to join the FierceCIO webinar on "Consumerization and the CIO" to be held July 29, at 2 p.m. EST.

Move by Goldman Sachs to 'unsend' email raises important questions about data ownership

An attempt by Goldman Sachs to have Google block access to a sent email raises some serious questions with regards to data access, especially given the widespread cloud deployment and pervasive state-level surveillance that we are seeing today.

Welcome to the new combined FierceCIO and FierceCIO:TechWatch

We are happy to announce that beginning today, July 7, FierceCIO:TechWatch is merging with FierceCIO.

CIO satisfaction survey says: Finally, some respect!

The verdict is in, and organizations today are finally giving IT and the CIO the respect they are due. It's only fair, since IT leaders truly are 'learning the business' and what they don't already know, they are trying to discover, a new CIO job satisfaction study reveals.

IT departments need a national campaign to bring in more female talent

Recent headlines involving Google and women in technology illustrate how much work is still needed in the IT industry to close the gender gap and truly bring more women into the IT ranks.

Women in IT find CDO role especially appealing

The recent selection of Rachel S. Haot as Chief Digital Officer of the Year reminded me of a recent research finding that the ranks of the CDO seem especially attractive to women.

1 in 3 IT managers say: The CIO must go!

As if CIOs didn't have enough job survival concerns, now we learn that one of every three managers in their own IT ranks thinks they need to be shown the door.

Don't be the only security fall guy

No organization is immune from cyberattacks. And no IT professional can guarantee a 100 percent uptime environment. But the recent departure of Target CIO Beth Jacob illustrates how a shared accountability model of IT security can prevent the CIO from facing the music alone when the unthinkable does happen.

Job demand is up, and it's going to cost you

With all of the predictions about technology investments for 2014, we knew the job market was bound to take off in response, and it has according to one staffing expert I spoke with this week.

Overcoming a crisis of confidence

I have decided that the biggest story shaping IT this year isn't the cloud, or mobile or even big data. It is a crisis in confidence.