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Microsoft's 'stack ranking' process, management by silo, and the need for speed

n my opinion, there are two popular management techniques that are absolutely, positively, fundamentally and diametrically opposed to speed.

W. Edwards Deming hates your approach to IT security

The widespread reactive, purely tactical approach to IT security is doomed to fail.

Please ask your cloud vendor some questions--for the children's sake

An old analogy in the security world is that you can drive a car much faster (safely anyway) if it has brakes. Here are just two simple areas where you need to see if your cloud has brakes.

Once in a great while, you can just buy a product and fix the problem

Aren't you suspicious of vendor-written case studies? Well, once in a while, somebody really does buy a product and fix a problem. It's refreshing to hear a CIO, not a marketer, tell the story.

3 keys to better IT, business communication

If IT really is out of sync with the business, communication is the solution. CIO consultant Abbie Lundberg notes three essential--and simple--communication strategies.

In the CIO role, focus is overrated

Get your head up off the tech grindstone and take a wider view. Finally.

Measuring your team's change-ability

Technology changes quickly--that's a given. But people don't change quickly--that's also a given.

Checks, balances and Edward Snowden

What the Snowden leak appears to have revealed above all is that our system of checks and balances--in other words, the system of oversight upon which our entire experiment in democracy rests--has broken down.  

NSA spying could prove costly for US businesses

Is anyone outraged yet? 

Some businesses really don't need a water cooler

The employees at Comfort Care Services, a provider of housing and rehabilitation services in the United Kingdom, are dispersed among 42 sites. They don't spend much time sitting in cubicles or conference rooms. They generally work on the go, and they're rarely together in one place. Yet somehow, the CCS staff manages to collaborate in ways that have not only improved the delivery of care, but also driven down costs.