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NSA spying could prove costly for US businesses

Is anyone outraged yet? 

Some businesses really don't need a water cooler

The employees at Comfort Care Services, a provider of housing and rehabilitation services in the United Kingdom, are dispersed among 42 sites. They don't spend much time sitting in cubicles or conference rooms. They generally work on the go, and they're rarely together in one place. Yet somehow, the CCS staff manages to collaborate in ways that have not only improved the delivery of care, but also driven down costs.

Do you know what devices your end users are using?

It's 3 p.m. Do you know what devices your employees are using?

Find out how your vendors make software

Whenever I think about the state of software security, I get an image of that rooftop party scene in the movie Independence Day, starring Will Smith.

Are you the best CIO in the world or are you managing the store?

When you've got business users whining incessantly about their technologies or lack thereof, do you ever have the urge to just toss them the newest, shiniest gadget as a means of distraction?

Make change management a constant

Change management is one of the toughest parts of a technology roll-out, according to both anecdote and analysts. People are simply set in their ways. And when they're not, they're usually busy defending turf or failing to communicate. While this seems like a problem for HR or business unit managers, the reality is that IT is central to solving it.

The IT conversation nobody wants to have

In sum, they do not want to hear what the CIO knows. But they do want the CIO to propel innovation, ramp up revenue, bring in more customers and transform the business.

The FTC and a new opportunity to address software insecurity

Much has been written about the fragmentation of the Android operating system and the resulting vulnerability of Android smartphones, particularly compared to iPhones. When Google releases a security update, the code generally is modified by Android device manufacturers, then sent on to carriers, and finally made available to users. Or not.

Why cyber insurance isn't booming

Some form of cybersecurity insurance has been around for a long time, and while the risk of cyberattacks has risen steadily, the market to insure against it has lagged. If your organization still favors risk acceptance and mitigation over risk transfer (insurance) when it comes to computer systems, it's in good company.

Google takes a stand for customer privacy

Google is taking a stand for its customers' privacy, not with regard to its own policies and practices but the federal government's. Specifically, the massive search engine operator has taken the FBI to court over a National Security Letter, and it should be commended.