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As Windows 10 downloads hit the 1M mark, what can enterprises expect from it?

The revamped update strategy in Windows 10 may be the most overlooked feature that administrators will love.

Microsoft joins chorus of employers singing IT diversity blues

Last week Microsoft became the latest tech giant to release its workforce diversity numbers, and the news wasn't encouraging. It is time that tech employers lead by example and make genuine efforts to recruit more women into their ranks, especially in IT. This would be a great goal to top New Year's Resolution lists for 2015.

First annual FierceCIO Fierce15 will honor top digital transformation efforts

FierceCIO is looking for examples of the very best digital transformation initiaties, and will recognize those efforts with the first annual FierceCIO Fierce15 Awards to be announced in October.

The falling cost of cloud storage, and what they don't tell you about it

Cloud storage may be an excellent way to synchronize data across multiple devices, but it is terrible for large data backups.

FierceCIO webinar looks at the marriage between CIOs and CMOs

Hosted by FierceCIO senior editor David Weldon, the webinar on August 26 will explore insights on how the CMO/CIO marriage is working so far, and what should be done to ensure that it is a fruitful and happy one.

Why a Linux-only approach will only get you fired

The city of Munich, Germany, is in the news over the last few days over an apparent change of heart over Linux. Paul Mah takes a look at the both sides of the story, and explains why a Linux-only approach is likely to get you fired.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3: To buy or to wait

Should you get the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 today, or wait? Paul Mah highlights two reasons why you may want to wait.

The trials and tribulations of a mobile worker

Are you a mobile worker, or travel for work often? Here are some of the challenging experiences that I've encountered. 

What the Apple-IBM deal means for the CIO

We take a closer look at the enterprise implications of the deal that the Apple-IBM partnership for the CIO.

FierceCIO webinar explores consumerization and the role of the CIO

For insights on what consumerization in IT means to you, we invite you to join the FierceCIO webinar on "Consumerization and the CIO" to be held July 29, at 2 p.m. EST.