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Still waiting for a real response from Amazon

It's been a week and a half since the damning New York Times article came out about the corporate culture at Amazon and horror stories continue to come out of the woodwork. Today's comes from a high-level editor who said she was treated terribly after taking health leave – to have a baby and then fight cancer. Her story seems to back up allegations in the New York Times story that Amazon workers sometimes get "edged out" after fighting illnesses or personal crises.

In which another founder may not like what he created

The report that ran in The New York Times over the weekend about the corporate culture at Amazon and the subsequent discussion – including comments by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos – show just how hard it can be for founders to control and even understand the culture at companies they start. It's a lesson that founders and executives should take to heart since with some work it can be avoided.

Google's Alphabet move unlikely to have significant impact on enterprise offerings

On Monday, Google founder Larry Page announced that he and co-founder Sergey Brin were going to head a new company, called Alphabet, handing day-to-day control of Google to Sundar Pichai, who has taken on more and more responsibility at Google over the past couple of years. It's a huge structural change but one that's unlikely to have a significant impact on enterprise users of Google products and services.

With Outlook Web updates, Microsoft confuses the line between online, local versions

With updates to the Web access to Outlook that Microsoft announced Tuesday, the company adds features that aren't available in the desktop version and raises questions, at least in my mind, about the point of both versions.

Millennials offer lesson to CIOs on the need for flexibility

CIOs are used to being told they have to make special allowances for the millennials workers in their midst. The better approach is to let the needs of millennials help establish a culture that provides flexiblity, support and engagement for all workers in the group.

IT retention is all about top-notch job satisfaction

One of the greatest challenges for CIOs today is keeping staff happy an on board. As we reported today, there are some obvious elements to a successful retention program. And not all of them are tangibles.

Google's latest numbers reveal depth of diversity challenges

One of the leading players in the new diversity-first hiring campaign is Google, which this week blogged about its efforts the past year. While the firm has seen some success, it acknowledges it has a long way to go. The same is certainly true for IT and the tech industry overall.

Victories adding up toward the Year of the IT Woman

Coming into 2015, FierceCIO took a stand hoping that the New Year would be the Year of the IT Woman. There is still much to be done to make that dream a reality, but there have been several positive signs in recent weeks.

Learning from Google's hiring secrets

The tight IT job market has created a new challenge for IT and HR managers: how to assess that a candidate has the potential to grow into the greater role you need. Google's Laszlo Bock knows a lot about how to do tech interviews right and his new book might be just the place for you to start.

Good immigration reform starts with fixing H-1B program

This week FierceCIO has presented a variety of views on the federal H-1B visa foreign worker program. And no matter which side of the debate our sources have fallen, in every case there was a call for program reform.