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Silicon Valley culture on trial in Ellen Pao v. Kleiner Perkins case

Recently, Kleiner Perkins is receiving attention for something other than its prolific tech portfolio. Former firm junior partner Ellen Pao has accused the firm of gender discrimination and failure to address harassment in the case Ellen Pao V. Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers.

Female tech CEO talks about 'casual' workplace discrimination

It's not often that CEOs spill all on the gender discrimination that takes place in the IT industry, but Elizabeth Vega, CEO at Informed Solutions, did so this week in a very enlightening article.

Lifting H-1B cap will indeed help undercut US workforce

Critics are being quick to jump on a proposal led by Senator Orin Hatch to raise the cap on H-1B visas, with some arguing--quite effectively--that the legislation would "help destroy" the U.S. tech workforce.

Making 2015 the year of the IT woman

This week saw the publication of two major articles on the problem of recruiting and retaining women to the IT ranks. While the gender gap in IT is certainly no secret, most of the industry focus is on STEM public education initiatives, at the expense of addressing problems many women face once they enter the field.

Topping my IT wish list for 2015: training investments and H-1B visa reform

As IT managers work on their New Year's Resolution lists, one item that I hope will appear near the top will be training for IT workers.

Microsoft's $91M man: When is tech exec pay too much?

It comes as no surprise to read that Institutional Shareholder Services is advising Microsoft shareholders to vote 'no' on a proposed $91M pay package for CEO Satya Nadella. After all, executive compensation is one of the most volatile topics in business. Here's why such a lofty pay proposal sends troubling messages.

Why Amazon doesn't care about the enterprise

Here's why Amazon doesn't care about the enterprise, and why you should.

Want more security money? Learn to communicate risk

Considering all the attention that cybersecurity gets in the mainstream and tech media, it is a wonder more money isn't being earmarked for it in 2015 budgets. But if CIOs and CISOs want more money, they need to learn how to evaluate and communicate risk. That is the language that CEOs and CFOs best understand.

Here's why you should deploy business-grade Wi-Fi hardware

Almost a third of British adults have admitted to attempting to siphon a neighbor's Wi-Fi connectivity--underscoring the importance of defending your Wi-Fi network with the appropriate hardware.

As Windows 10 downloads hit the 1M mark, what can enterprises expect from it?

The revamped update strategy in Windows 10 may be the most overlooked feature that administrators will love.