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What are you tired of being told a CIO should do?

So much of what is written about CIOs amounts to slight variations on a handful of themes: The need to align IT with business goals; the need to make IT a value center, not a cost center; the need to

Why you should limit business intelligence to three data points

Sorting through massive volumes of data, separating out what's of value and delivering it to decision-makers at the right time in the right way are the ideas behind business intelligence. The way to

CIOs, business units are on the same team

A common refrain these days, among analysts and consultants, urges CIOs to become more involved in the business side of their organizations so that they can learn to play a more strategic role. I

How to get out of the IT weeds

There's a general consensus that CIOs need to be spending less time on the minutia of IT operations and more time on activities that create business value, but a recent survey of the CIO Executive

Figuring out what drives your business

How well do you really know your business? To become a strategic leader, CIOs need to understand not just the specific needs of business units but also the needs of the company as a whole, especially

How to get new hires off to a good start

Many companies have extensive procedures in place to hire the best talent available, but they do not necessarily have equally effective procedures to make sure new employees get off to a good start.

Embracing the inevitable tablet onslaught

For a little insight into one of the key IT trends unfolding this year, look no further than the Consumer Electronics Show taking place in Las Vegas this week. While CES explicitly targets the

CIO 101: So, who reviews the boss?

Writing on Fortune, contributor Daniel Debow posed the question that is sure to make employees a little antsy. In an article provocatively titled "When you're the boss, who gives you reviews?" Debow

Prediction for predictive analytics

As business analytics and predictive analytics took root in the enterprise over the past year, businesses gained the capacity for a clearer vision of their customers' future demands. While this is a

Advice for the new CIO

First impressions are always important, and for CIOs they can set the stage for long-term leadership results. Jonathan Reichental, CIO for O'Reilly Media, has five pieces of advice for new CIOs,