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Caron Carlson is the editor of FierceCIO.  Caron has been covering information technology and telecommunications for 15 years, writing for a variety of publications. Her resume includes stints as a senior editor at eWeek and the Washington Bureau Chief for WirelessWeek. While she loves to write about the latest and greatest in IT, a tiny Luddite proclivity prevents her from becoming glossy-eyed about her subject matter. She can be reached at

Articles by Caron Carlson

NSA deploying 'two-person' rule

In the aftermath of the leak of sensitive documents by whistleblower Edward Snowden, the National Security Agency is deploying a "two-person" rule to block anyone else from taking information out of the agency's secure networks, reports Andy Greenberg at Forbes.

IT is complex: Give it to them straight

Few people relish being the bearer of ill tidings, but those who sugar coat tough news can make things harder on themselves than they have to be. For CIOs, this means it is better to spell out the challenges involved in an IT project than make promises that can't be kept.

Transform your leadership style

The biggest challenges companies face tend to be transformational and embedded in culture, behavior and attitudes. These challenges can be hard to get at and even harder to solve, but transformational leadership can help by motivating employees.

Green IT helps keep companies in the black

People don't talk about "green IT" as much as they used to, but that doesn't mean efforts to maximize energy efficiency aren't proceeding apace.

Better ways to get your point across

Communication is one of the most critical components in leading organizations through IT change, but unfortunately it is lacking in a lot of organizations.

Checks, balances and Edward Snowden

What the Snowden leak appears to have revealed above all is that our system of checks and balances--in other words, the system of oversight upon which our entire experiment in democracy rests--has broken down.  

The price of being too tight with your vendors

As an IT leader, you've shown yourself to be smart and savvy, but you're still only human. It's understandable if you're enmeshed in supplier relationships that are just a little too cozy--but beware, this can put IT speed, flexibility and innovation at risk, warns Michael Voellinger at InfoWorld.

It's not just Internet firms that hand data to the government

This isn't to make any of you feel left out if you're not handing over sensitive data to the government, but the truth is thousands of companies are.

20th Century Fox cutting data center space

Entertainment behemoth 20th Century Fox is in the process of reducing 9,000 square feet of data center sprawl to approximately 2,700 square feet.

Reducing printer sprawl with managed print services

FamilySearch, a nonprofit group that helps people trace their ancestry, runs more than 4,700 family history centers in 129 countries. People can drop in, research their lineage and then print out documents--and that's where the trouble came in.