Enterprise transformation demands new customized learning

Business needs have changed little, but strategies for training, learning and performance support have changed dramatically. Alan Young looks at what this means for the CIO.

Amazon launches Fire TV Stick to compete with Chromecast

Amazon has launched the $39 Fire TV Stick to compete with the Google Chromecast.

Leaked details of next version of Office for Mac emerges

Various screenshots that allegedly show the next version of Office for Mac have been leaked.

IT leaders losing control over enterprise data, study reveals

Leadership is failing to respond to the escalating risk of ungoverned file sharing practices among employees, says a new study by the Ponemon Institute.


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There's a fork in the road, and not everyone is taking it. The Open Web Platform is charting its own course, which may or may not be bound to the HTML markup language.


Ever since WebRTC was declared a part of HTML5, IE's exclusion of the browser-based streaming standard was deemed a deficit.  Now, an open source project sponsored by Microsoft attempts an end-around.