Ranks of women earning IT degrees drops by 5%

A national study released this morning reveals that while the number of STEM degrees is up just slightly over the past decade, the number of women earning computer science degrees dropped by 5 percent.

Thwarting a new breed of cyberattack

Cybercrime has evolved to be ruthless attempts to destroy intellectual property, damage reputations and criple operating functions. All of which make it imperative for organizations to be proactive and collaborative in their cyberdefense efforts, says Art Gilliland.

Lessons learned from the failure of a bullet-proof network

What an IT department learned from the 4-hour outage of a massive 10,000 port network.

Google defends its decision to leave older Android devices unpatched

A huge code base translates into significant code changes, proving unsafe to fix.

IBM poised to cut 26% of staff

The technology sector appears to be playing a major game of musical chairs with employees, as the past week saw news of massive layoffs in some corners, and massive hiring in others. The biggest news comes from IBM, which is apparently getting ready to lay off 26 percent of its workforce.


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HP has beefed up its SureStart product to protect PCs from attacks on their basic input/output system, which boots the PC, eWeek reports.


Ravello, an SaaS startup focused on nested virtualization for cloud deployments, is developing the capability to set up and run multiple Android emulators from the cloud, something its clients have been clamoring for.