Apple releases mega update to resolve security flaws across multiple products

Apple has released a mega security update that affects multiple products including the OS X operating system, OS X Server and iTunes.

Developing automation experts internally

The DevOps environment requires a new breed of technologist says Nathen Harvey: one that spans developer and operations functions and aligns closely with the C-suite: the automation expert. He offers advice on how CIOs can find and develop this key talent within the existing organization.

Expect to pay solid, but realistic, IT salaries heading into 2015

There has been some disagreement in recent salary surveys on what the year ahead holds on the salary front. FierceCIO spoke with Jack Cullen, president of the IT staffing firm Modic, about its recent 2015 Salary Guide and what IT managers should expect.

Newly uncovered security weakness could let hackers hide malicious Android app within another app

Security researchers last week demonstrated how a newly uncovered security weakness could allow a malicious Android app to be embedded within another app to avoid detection.