Amazon initiates massive reboot of cloud servers

Amazon Web Services has started updating a large number of its cloud servers, and initiating a rolling update of thousands of Elastic Computer Cloud servers, starting last Friday to this Tuesday. The relevant notification went out to affected users last Wednesday.

Leaked document shows Google working to stymie Samsung's growing clout over Android

Leaked documents show that Google is steadily tightening the requirements for its partners--such as device maker Samsung--to build Android smartphones.

What exactly is Bash and why should you be so concerned?

On Friday, we reported on a major new security vulnerability that has been discovered "which threatens to affect a vast swathe of computing systems, including Web hosts, cloud services and even Internet-connected devices." The threat goes by the names Bash or Shellshock, and is already being described as the most dangerous threat to Internet security.

Whole Foods' new mission: Would you like an app with that free-range turkey?

Whole Foods is synonymous with words such as organic, fresh, healthy and yes, even free-range. Now the company is hoping to bring digital into the mix as well.


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I've spotlighted this topic here in  FierceEnterpriseCommunications  in the past, and there are some who will ask me if I think I've overdoing this topic. No, I'm not. 


The word that expresses him best remains "executive," and if Larry Ellison prefers any place in the world to the head seat at the table, it's the very edge of a stage.