• Victories adding up toward the Year of the IT Woman

    Coming into 2015, FierceCIO took a stand hoping that the New Year would be the Year of the IT Woman. There is still much to be done to make that dream a reality, but there have been several positive signs in recent weeks.

Success as an IT consultant requires patience, trust and empathy

It has been suggested that the typical CIO will try their hand at IT consulting at least once in their career.

A look at the most in-demand mobile skills this summer

Cloud computing, IT security and data analytics continue to grab the lion's share of tech hiring headlines, but mobile application development remains a very hot area for IT pros. Here are the mobile skills most sought-after by CIOs.

IT transformation efforts driving new 'start-up' mentality

IT leaders charged with leading their organizations through digital transformation would be wise to act and react like a start-up.

Proposed $19M settlement between MasterCard, Target falls part

Proposed settlement with MasterCard terminated, as beleaguered retailer continues to grapple with fallout of security breach 18 months later. 


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Disney said that it's MagicBands program is so successful that the company plans to expand it, according to a Reuters story. 


Synology, a Taiwan-based network attached storage company, has update its software to plug security holes reported by Dutch firm Securify, according to a report by SecurityWeek.