iCloud Drive available for Windows ahead of the Mac

Windows users will be able to use Apple's iCloud as a full cloud storage drive ahead of Mac users, after the company released the iCloud Drive for Windows app.

5 steps to mastering a technology governance program

One of the most important areas for CIOs to master is that of technology governance. The ISACA has outlined five principles that organizations can put to use to effecitively manage a governance program.



6 new IT roles you need to fill

Several recent job studies have suggested that hiring for IT professionals in general is cooling off, but demand remains high for a number of specialized jobs. Unfortunately, a minority of organizations are properly preparing for those job needs ahead of time. 

These items will top your IT shopping list in 2015

The final months of each year are always ripe with articles predicting what will be hot in the coming year. With that in mind, CIOs are being offered advice on the 10 key technology items they should budget for in 2015.

5 tips for choosing the right unified communications solution

Looking for a new unified communications solution? Here are five expert tips on what to watch out for.


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Big data is the big difference between best-of-breed media and the other guys. 


According to a recent study, the top 10% of productive employees don't work full eight hour days. On average, they work for 52 minutes and then take 17-minute breaks. And no, those 17 minute breaks weren't spent on email, social media, or a smartphone app.