• Here are positives that 3 startup founders learned while working for Amazon

    While a number of reports have criticized Amazon for its unrelenting work culture, some former Amazon executives say that the company has plenty of positive management practices. Three former Amazon executives who now run their own startups said that they've adopted some of Amazon's leadership principles in their new businesses. They spoke in Seattle at the Geekwire Summit. 

Concur hopes its cloud experience will rub off on SAP

Even though Concur is a much smaller and younger company than SAP, its leaders said it has a lot to teach its new parent. 

How 'deep learning' works is still a mystery, Microsoft Research head said

Even researchers working in artificial intelligence sometimes don't understand exactly why advancements happen. For instance, so-called deep learning, which is a kind of machine learning, often has the benefit of transfer learning, said Peter Lee, global head of Microsoft Research speaking on Thursday at the Geekwire Summit.

Microsoft releases Exchange Server 2016

Microsoft is rolling out Exchange Server 2016, now available for download and deployment within on-premises environments.

Microsoft makes Skype more integrated on iOS 9

Skype Friday announced its compatibility with iOS 9, including making full use of the Slide Over and Split View functions that allows users to interact with multiple apps at the same time.

Microsoft adds Likes and @Mentions to Outlook to keep it relevant

Microsoft has added new features for its email client Outlook that brings it closer in-line to social websites and collaborative enterprise environments.


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Security researcher who discovered the original Stagefright security bug finds new attack vectors, dubbed Stagefright 2.0, which can compromise even patched devices.