Oracle slashes more than half of Ellison's stock options

After years of shareholder discontent over executive pay rates are Oracle, the tech giant has reportedly cut Larry Ellison's stock options from 7 million to 3 million.

Recent hiring studies offer conflicting messages

One of the latest studies from TechServe Alliance looks at IT hiring at the mid-way point in 2014, and word is that the second half of the year will be a positive one on the hiring front.

CMO and CIO courtships could produce tech workers with DNA of both

CIOs and CMOs have turned up the heat on their courtship, and the result could be the demand for a new breed of technology worker that has the DNA of both.

Tor Project scrambles to fix weakness that threatens to unmask users

A Black Hat talk on how flaws in the Tor Project could allow users to be unmasked was abruptly pulled.


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Hackers are exploiting vulnerabilities in elasticsearch, an open source search analytics app, to infect Amazon's cloud service and other cloud services with distributed denial of service bots.


Check out the hottest mobile IT news for July 29, including the acquisition by BlackBerry to support its security functions, a potential inclusion of NFC for the next batch of Apple products, uncharted mobile territory for the Pirate Bay, more movement to Mobile for Facebook and what the FTC is doing to jam up cramming.