• Microsoft's $91M man: When is tech exec pay too much?

    It comes as no surprise to read that Institutional Shareholder Services is advising Microsoft shareholders to vote 'no' on a proposed $91M pay package for CEO Satya Nadella. After all, executive compensation is one of the most volatile topics in business. Here's why such a lofty pay proposal sends troubling messages.

Regin malware and why it doesn't change anything

A closer look at the Regin super-malware, and why hackers are unlikely to copy it.

Apple rolls out another Yosemite beta in the face of persistent Wi-Fi complaints

Apple has released another Yosemite beta to developers for testing, though there is no word if it will finally resolve persistent complaints involving poor Wi-Fi performance.

How to prevent wearable devices from ruining your information security

Google Glass has been described as both a work of art and a security nightmare. But it's not the only revolutionary piece of wearable tech raising eyebrows, writes Jenna Puckett.

Mastering the top technologies for 2015 starts with embracing change, says Cisco CIO

IT is in the midst of unprecedented transformation, and the ability to identify and embrace new ways of doing things and new ways to use data will be essential to remaining competitive, according to Cisco's CIO, Rebecca Jacoby.


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The top three technology areas where enterprises are investing are mobile security/mobile device management, BYOD policy development and mobilizing business apps, according to Joe Pappano, president of IBM's MDM firm MaaS360 by Fiberlink.