Cisco CIO Rebecca Jacoby reflects on the top tech trends for 2014 and 2015

FierceCIO recently spoke with Cisco CIO Rebecca Jacoby for her take on the top trends in IT for 2014, and what she expects will dominate her thoughts in 2015.

How to defend yourself from being doxxed

Here are some tips on how to protect yourself from being doxxed, or having your personal data published on the Internet.

Microsoft explains 11-hour Azure outage as critics find fault with its communications strategy

According to Microsoft, the 11-hour Azure outage earlier this week is caused by a bad performance update to its storage services.

CIOs losing patience with time and cost to develop mobile apps

Has the romance gone out of mobile applications development already? That might seem to be the case, as a new study reveals that the time and money required to build mobile apps are preventing companies from seeing immediate benefits.


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Check out the hottest mobile IT news for Friday, Nov. 21, including Amazon launches Zocalo file-sharing app for Android and iOS, Apple releases app development kit for Apple Watch, Google launches BYOD-focused Divide app, IoT app enablement platform revenues to increase 28 percent this year and Apple supplier GT Advanced promised too much and failed to deliver.


Apple just took its effort to attract mobile workers up a notch by adding new languages to its iWork for iCloud productivity apps, reports AppleInsider.