AWS will need a differentiator to compete with Microsoft, Google for enterprise email

Amazon Web Services is continuing to target enterprise users, this time with a new email and calendar service. It'll have a tough time competing with the likes of Microsoft and Google, companies that are much more established. 

FCC warns hotels, convention halls not to block personal Wi-Fi

The FCC delivers a firm answer to the question of whether hotels or commercial establishments can intentionally block Wi-Fi on their premises. 

Enterprises may have to pay to go slow on Windows 10, say analysts

Large enterprises can expect to pay for a slower update cadence, according to some analysts.

Microsoft to offer free Power BI service

IT pros can take advantage of a new free version of Microsoft's Power BI business intelligence service, the Redmond, Washington company announced yesterday.

Burden on CIOs to close IT perception gap

It's a serious problem when business executives don't view IT as an asset to the organization. It's especially troubling when IT is actually viewed as an obstacle to success.