• Inevitable tech boom in Cuba could lead to huge IT potential

    Considering Cuba's nearly non-existent Internet infrastructure, what does such a rapid and massive change mean? Clearly, Cubans themselves will finally get to enjoy tech we've all had for so long, we can hardly remember when we didn't have it. But there's also potential for all sorts of businesses and enterprises to make their way south of the border and set up shop.

Report: New hardware division for Google, ex-Motorola president at helm

Google is a getting a bona fide hardware division, Re/code reported Thursday. The division will house the development of Nexus devices, Chromecast streaming TV technology, consumer hardware, Google Glass and more.


Amazon's first-quarter public cloud earnings up 64% from last year

Jeff Bezos' cash cow in the cloud shows no signs of slowing down. Amazon's quarterly earnings report Thursday revealed that Amazon Web Services made $2.56 billion in revenue during the first quarter of 2016, even more of a windfall than expected.

Microsoft buys DNA for data storage that could last up to 2,000 years

Microsoft has agreed to purchase ten million long oligonucleotides – for those of you running to Google, it's a type of laboratory-grade DNA – from Twist Bioscience. Microsoft plans to use the synthetic DNA to encode digital data.

Slack and AltspaceVR team up so you can hold meetings in VR

In what could prove to be the most entertaining Slack integration since the /giphy command, teams can now hold meetings in virtual reality through a Slack partnership with AltspaceVR.

Intel's updated development IoT kit lets developers use Bluemix, Watson, Brillo and more

Intel apparently wants developers to have as easy a time as possible building useful, intelligent wearables, gadgets, robots and drones. The latest version of the company's development kit for Internet of Things devices has been released.


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There were nearly two dozen major mergers and acquisitions in the Internet of Things and related market segments in the first four months of 2016, according to the latest data from Strategy Analytics.


Enterprises and developers may be pleased to know Samsung took an even deeper dive into the Internet of Things with the release of its  ARTIK Cloud platform this week.