• Why a Linux-only approach will only get you fired

    The city of Munich, Germany, is in the news over the last few days over an apparent change of heart over Linux. Paul Mah takes a look at the both sides of the story, and explains why a Linux-only approach is likely to get you fired.

Report: Windows 9 technical preview may arrive in September

The next version of the Windows operating system, identified as Windows "Threshold" or Windows 9, could arrive as early as end-September.

Tech CEOs predict strong profits, hiring through 2017

The nation's technology firms expect tech growth to continue unabated for the next three years, with peak profits predicted for 2017 and strong hiring into 2017.

3 tips for choosing a new IT vendor

Here are some pointers on how companies can choose a new IT vendor.

Skype could leak your chat data, warns one user

While isolated, the notion of a messaging client leaking data is a serious one that calls for tighter control over instant messages in the enterprise.


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While BYOD has increased the productivity of today's workers, it has also introduced a range of security threats, such as malware, direct attacks, data loss or theft and social engineering.


Protecting some of the most personally sensitive information for the most security-conscious government agencies is no small task, and a panel of government healthcare experts said their primary challenge is to balance security with the ease of use that mobility brings.