• 1 in 3 IT managers say: The CIO must go!

    As if CIOs didn't have enough job survival concerns, now we learn that one of every three managers in their own IT ranks thinks they need to be shown the door.

Using mentor programs to play finders, keepers

With IT hiring on the rebound, retention and career development are especially important this year. One of the best tools to help hang onto newly-acquired IT talent is to form a mentoring program.

Wearable technology--what's right for your workplace?

Bill Bartow writes that wearable technologies are poised to take the workplace by storm, and hold promise of cost savings and increased productivity benefits for many companies.

News Scan: HPC-as-a-service; reinventing the CIO role; more

The top news stories for April 16, 2014.

Disruptive technologies creating opportunities for CIOs

Disruptive technologies are creating new opportunities for CIOs and IT to contribute in bigger ways to the success of their organizations, says a new CA Technologies report.


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BYOD programs are in place at most organizations today, and a growing number of companies are using BYOD to improve the quality of staff meetings.


A ruling from the EU's highest court sets a precedent for government rights over human rights, that the U.S. government may one day have to meet.