• Inevitable tech boom in Cuba could lead to huge IT potential

    Considering Cuba's nearly non-existent Internet infrastructure, what does such a rapid and massive change mean? Clearly, Cubans themselves will finally get to enjoy tech we've all had for so long, we can hardly remember when we didn't have it. But there's also potential for all sorts of businesses and enterprises to make their way south of the border and set up shop.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM gets a new IoT tool

Microsoft announced Monday its update of Dynamics CRM 2016, complete with a new Internet of Things tool designed to improve customer service.

Cray's new Urika-GX system runs multiple analytics workloads at supercomputer speed

Cray has released the Urika-GX, an agile analytics system that brings together supercomputing tech and an open, enterprise-ready software framework to enable enterprises to process big data quickly.

For Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Microsoft is requiring more memory for first time in years

For the upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Update, for the first time in years, you'll need more memory to update your operating system.

SaaSGenius to offer Yelp-style reviews of enterprise software, but a good review may not be the only thing to consider

SaaSGenius is a site that is aiming to be a Yelp-style resource for enterprise SaaS. Users can search for software options and thumb through recommendations from third-party sources. These could be reviews, blog posts or guides about the product.

Australian software firm TechnologyOne plans to take on Oracle, SAP in US market

TechnologyOne, an Australian software company, has an ambitious three-year plan to take on Oracle and SAP in the U.S. enterprise, education and local government markets.


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