Chromecast rival Matchstick exceeds Kickstarter goal by the first day

Matchstick is a new media-streaming dongle built on an open hardware and software platform and set to rival Chromecast.

New research highlights danger of using Google Glass when driving

A new study suggests that using a hands-free device such as Google Glass while driving is no safer than texting.

Cyberattacks skyrocketing, while security budgets decline

A recent study on cybersecurity by PwC notes that IT security leaders are defending against attacks at unprecedented levels, with the number of cyber-attacks rapidly on the increase, while IT security budgets decrease.

Everything you need to know about Windows 10

Here's everything we know about Windows 10: What's new, how it relates to the enterprise, when it's arriving, and how to get hold of it today.


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It's easy to outline the "customer journey" if you think about it as drawing boxes and arrows. Multiply that job by one million customers, and tell us how easy it is.


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