Microsoft's explanation of cloud outage praised by customers

Microsoft has gained some praises for its candid post-mortem evaluation of a recent outage of its Visual Studio Online service.

News Scan: Goldman's top-secret messaging platform; NASA's breakneck cloud migration; More

The top news stories for August 28, 2014.

Surface Pro 3 heat issue not a problem, says Microsoft

Microsoft has denied that the Surface Pro 3 has a heat problem, though it promised a software fix to address incorrect thermal warning seen by some.

Seagate ships world's first 8TB hard drive, sans helium

Seagate has announced the world's first 8TB hard disk drive, which will not use helium--a method used by Western Digital.

Prospective CIOs: How to get to the top, and stay there

In a post at InformationWeek, Jonathan Feldman lists three key steps to take in order to make sure you become a successful CIO or IT leader.


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Fast food chain Dairy Queen has apparently suffered a breach of customer credit and debit card information, according to a financial source consulted by security researcher Brian Krebs


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