• Microsoft's $91M man: When is tech exec pay too much?

    It comes as no surprise to read that Institutional Shareholder Services is advising Microsoft shareholders to vote 'no' on a proposed $91M pay package for CEO Satya Nadella. After all, executive compensation is one of the most volatile topics in business. Here's why such a lofty pay proposal sends troubling messages.

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Top news stories for Wednesday, Nov. 26.

Tips for avoiding some common project management pitfalls

Project management is a topic that many CIOs and CTOs are hesitant to talk about, especially when it comes to project failures. So we spoke to a few IT leaders in the industry about this tricky subject to find out their tips for avoiding common project management pitfalls and keeping projects on track across the board. 

The 7-minute guide to understanding Docker and its impact on the cloud

You may have hearing about Docker and how it is revolutionizing cloud computing. For the uninitiated, here is the 7-minute guide to understanding what the hype is all about.

Google to pull plug on old-style plug-ins for Chrome

Google is moving ahead with plans to gradually phase out support for plug-ins that hook into the Chrome browser using a decade-old mechanism called NPAPI, or Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface.

The Regin malware and why it doesn't change anything

A closer look at the Regin super-malware, and why hackers are unlikely to copy it.


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