• Learning from Google's hiring secrets

    The tight IT job market has created a new challenge for IT and HR managers: how to assess that a candidate has the potential to grow into the greater role you need. Google's Laszlo Bock knows a lot about how to do tech interviews right and his new book might be just the place for you to start.

New study reveals IT's 'fastest trending' skills

Technology professionals have grown accustomed to judging the value of things by how they are "trending." With that in mind, staffing firm has released its list of the fastest-trending skills in IT.

Microsoft earnings call confirms bright horizon in the cloud

Microsoft continues to wave its cloud computing banner high, as the firm's quarterly earnings call yesterday sounded very much like a rousing pep rally, with cloud service revenues slightly edging out analyst forecasts.

Box courts enterprises with Box Developer Edition

Box courts enterprises with the ability to easily create custom apps on its cloud platform without requiring users to have a Box account.

Bug in Wi-Fi software could open Android, Linux and BSD to wireless attacks

Denial-of-service, code injection and execution attacks potentially possible through a wireless peer-to-peer connection with a vulnerable device.


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Twitter and a set of other investors have taken positions in Boston-based beacon start-up Swirl, a sign that the maturing technology is starting to get mainstream acceptance.


The Apple Watch has made its grand debut today, with many folks in the enterprise slipping the new wearable on. While fashion may keep commuters oohing and ahhing as they stare at peoples' wrists, there are apps and accessories already on their way to pushing this watch from fun gadget into a daily work companion.