Top SaaS myths debunked

Despite the fact that software as a service is hardly new, many myths have become entrenched over the years. A new survey of business professionals attempts to debunk the worst of them.

Brace yourself! Your CFO wants a more active IT role

CIOs that haven't yet cozied up to their CFO had better do so quickly, as new research reveals that CFOs intend to take over a much greater role in digital investment decisions.

Get 'insanely simple' time tracking with Toggl

Toggl is a time tracking service that promises to kill traditional timesheets with its ease of use.


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Following a series of vendor patches for the Shellshock vulnerability in the Bourne-again Unix-based shell (Bash), security researchers have found more Bash flaws that need to be fixed, reports TechTarget.


The number of security incidents soared 48 percent this year to 42.8 million, or the equivalent of 117,339 attackers per day, according to The Global State of Information Security Survey.