9-year-old bug in embedded Web server could threaten millions of routers

Security researchers warn of vulnerability in embedded Web servers that could expose millions of routers to hacking.

Reflections of an IT recruiter: Candidates regain the upper hand

The IT hiring landscape is in the midst of a major shift from a company-driven market to a candidate-driven market, says IT staffing expert Cindy Brown. This makes all the difference in the quality of candidates you can attract, and what it will take to hire them.

Intel launches migration tool to help users transitioning to Chromebooks

Intel has launched a new tool designed to simplify the task for users considering making the switch to a Chromebook.

These simple security threats may be lurking in your office right now

When one thinks of enterprise security threats, terms like hackers, malware and large-scale data breaches all come to mind. But other, less obvious threats could be lurking in your organization too, writes Larry Ponemon in a recent post.


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Top news for December 19, 2014, including cloud-based apps, AirBnB's mobile experience and the VA's tablet deployment.


Proving again that it has shifted its focus to the mobile user, Microsoft announced Thursday that it would offer its offline managed client SDK to the general user base. With the service, users can sync their apps and continue to modify files while they are in unconnected areas.