Wearables fashion show brings together tech, design

It's not often that we cover fashion shows at FierceCIO, but we thought we'd give you a peak into a recent wearables fashion show that showcased the latest wearable tech--some of which may be showing up in the enterprise, and on your workers, soon.

Tech giants aside, Silicon Valley ranks high for female execs, says new study

Google and Facebook are just two tech giants that have recently come under fire for the diversity practices, but a new study says Silicon Valley overall has a high percentage of female executives.

Google extends its two-factor authentication support with physical USB keys

Google has announced that it has expanded its two-factor verification mechanism with support for physical USB keys.

Bitcasa ditches unlimited cloud storage offering, cites abuse

The cloud storage vendor has abruptly dropped its unlimited offering, citing abuse as the primary reason.


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To attract Millennials, banks and retailers need to tap into their enthusiasm forĀ  smartphones and mobile apps, according to a survey by Zogby Analytics on behalf of Mitek, a provider of mobile document image capture software.