• Why a Linux-only approach will only get you fired

    The city of Munich, Germany, is in the news over the last few days over an apparent change of heart over Linux. Paul Mah takes a look at the both sides of the story, and explains why a Linux-only approach is likely to get you fired.

Demand for data analysts at record levels

The demand for data analysts has been growing dramatically in the past two years, and perhaps nowhere is the need greater than in healthcare.

Barely out of the gate, new Yahoo CIO unveils infrastructure changes

Yahoo recently appointed Mike Kail, who formerly worked at Netflix, as its new CIO and senior vice president of infrastructure.

Microsoft Azure suffers brief outage that was felt around the globe

Microsoft Azure experienced a brief outage on this week that spanned a number of services, and which was felt around the globe.

Researchers successfully hack into traffic lights, take over controller

A research team at the University of Michigan has discovered that taking over a city's traffic intersections and making all the lights green is not just something you see in movies. In fact, they demonstrated that this is possible to anyone equipped with a laptop and the right kind of wireless radio.


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